Best Dark Circle Eye Cream In The World (2023 Update)


Dark circles under the eyes is something that everyone generally has to deal with at one point or another in their lives. Men and women, young and old, rich or poor have had (or will have) dark circles show up under their eyes. What separates the mild cases from the not-so-mild is the level of severity which comes with these dark circles. For some people, dark circles under the eyes only show up on rare occasions when for others, dark circles are just part of who they are. Some unlucky individuals can’t even recall what they looked like before the dark circles became so prominent. Unfortunately, it’s just something that we have to deal with. Or is it?


The Problem With Most Creams & Lotions

The general case to be made is that in a vacuum, around only about 5% of under-eye creams on the market actually do anything at all, and most experts would probably agree that this is a generous estimate. The creams you can easily find being promoted on mainstream platforms are highly watered-down (to keep profits high) and in the majority of cases only work in the same way a moisturizer would. These products just make the skin a little bit softer for a short period of time before wearing off and typically don’t target the root problem that is actually the main culprit behind puffy, dark circles under the eyes.


The Best Dark Circle Eye Cream In The World?

Over the course of the past several months, a new product has begun to make headlines for truly getting rid of dark circles under the eyes rather than just hiding them. The name of this product? Lucent Skin By Revitol. It is a name that we had heard swirling around for quite some time now but had only recently had the privilege of testing. After spending some time with it, we can really say that there’s nothing quite like it on the market – truly outstanding results that we had never seen before. It may be a little bit too early to crown it as the absolute best under-eye dark circle cream in the world but if there is such a race, Revitol is undoubtedly leading the way.

best cream in the worldCheck Out Revitol

Over the course of 4 months, we had 6 dozen testers go through several of the most commonly-known products by the biggest skin care brands in the industry, along with Revitol. The testers were split into two groups; group A was to use Revitol three times a week for 8 weeks. Group B was instructed to follow the same pattern but with a big brand-name product that you likely often see commercials about. The verdict was shocking – over 89% of group A had significantly improved their complexion to the point where the dark circles were entirely gone while only 53% of group B saw any results at all. This goes back to our initial statement of how a lot of the mainstream products you can find in your local grocery store are highly watered-down. Check out the results our very own Stacey got by using Lucent Skin!



Is It Really The Best In The World?

Since there’s no exact way to measure or calculate what constitutes for a cream to be the very best of all time, we can only draw a conclusion based from our experience(s) and results. Our findings show that of the few hundred products we’ve been able to test over the years, Revitol’s Lucent Skin is certainly the most effective at diminishing bags under the eyes. Not only is it able to completely make the dark circles go away, but it also greatly reduces the puffiness that often accompanies the dark circles under most peoples’ eyes.

Apart from effectiveness, there are a couple of other things we have to take into account such as price and quantity. This product (while highly effective) suffers in these areas. You’ll notice that it is quite more expensive than your average product found online. Logic tells us that this is because it is a more premium product and that the end-result is worth it. While it may be true, affordably regarding this brand can pose as an issue for many people and this makes it a little bit more difficult to call it the best cream in the world for dark circles under the eyes. However, the results it brings are too impactful for us to debate – this is the best product on the market.


What Causes These Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

When you think about how much trouble this seemingly ‘insignificant’ issue can cause so many people around the world of all background, it makes you wonder – what even causes these circles to appear in most people? Genetics, poor diet, or stress? In truth, all of those things can be big factors when it comes to these dark circles and they make up the majority as it pertains to biggest causes of these circles, with genetics being the most significant reason. On top of that, there are a couple of other things which can be causing your dark circles including excessive smoking, makeup irritation, and allergies. A lot of the time, it will be quite critical for an individual to figure out exactly what’s causing the problem – what good is the best cream in the world going to do if you keep repeating the action that causes the issue? While the cream is effective, you do not want to be using it for years on end when the issue is easily fixable.


Prevention & Taking Action

If you’re in a scenario where the main cause of your under-eye puffiness is not caused by genetics, you’re in an even better position. This means that once you are able to deal with the puffiness the first time around, your only concern would realistically be to prevent it from coming back. Though it’s still a process, prevention is far simpler and more easy to implement than removal. To prevent dark circles, an individual should do their best to eat right, get enough sleep, reduce stress in their life as much as possible, and potentially use different makeup and/or skin care products that could be causing an irritation or allergic reaction. If you don’t know exactly what the root cause is, try using some reverse engineering to get a better idea of the things that are most likely to be the main culprit.


Bottom Line: Best Dark Circle Cream In The World

The bottom line is this – there is physically no way to possibly experiment every single skin care brand in the world, so figuring out which is the best would be nearly impossible. Furthermore, figuring out what truly constitutes as ‘the best’ is more difficult than it seems on the surface; are we talking about effectiveness, price, or how quick the product works? If we’re going to review strictly results and nothing else, claiming that Lucent Skin is the best cream in the world seems like a pretty safe bet. However, if the main factor we’re looking at on this criteria is pricing and/or quantity, then there are far more creams, serums, and products on the market which you could say are better – but are they really though?

Ana S. Vargas