Best Non-Habit Forming Sleep Aid (2021 Update)

Insomnia is categorized as the inability to fall asleep, maintain sleep, or achieve a sufficient amount of rest by sleeping. It is estimated that over 60 million Americans are suffering from insomnia, making it one of the biggest ‘silent killers’ and most prominent illnesses in the world. Scientists still aren’t exactly sure as to what is causing this mass epidemic or how it can be solved and as of right now, millions of Americans are reliant on sleeping pills to get a sufficient amount of rest. Not only are these sleeping pills not helpful in making you feel well-rested, but they also create a dependancy which can later turn into a habit. As more and more people wake up to this problem, they are starting to realize that big pharma is NOT the way to go, and they start looking for something that works but something that also doesn’t form a bad and potentially dangerous habit.


Best Non-Habit Forming Sleep Aid Of 2021

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After conducting trial after trial and testing out numerous products on dozens of individuals, many of them actually worked. The problem was that they created dependancy and did not help over a prolonged period of time. All except one product showed this to be true, and that product is Melatrol. Over 87% of people who used it reported ‘tremendous success’ or better and reported having better sleeping overall even after discontinuing the use of the product.

The reason for its impeccable results is that it is made up of over 14 essential nutrients and minerals that have been proven to help put people to bed and give them a truly relaxing and complete deep sleep. Even when using it on a totally short term basis, you can improve your sleep schedule dramatically and get back on track. It truly is the best sleeping aid on the market in 2019 and best of all, it is non-habit forming so you don’t have to worry about being ‘hooked’ or feeling dependant on it like you might with true sleeping pills.

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Is Insomnia Treatable?

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Because of lack of results and evidence that suggests otherwise, people often become discouraged and begin to believe that insomnia is something that is not treatable.If you’re talking about 99% of medications then you’d be correct; no sleeping pill or solution prescribed by your doctor won’t cause dependancy, therefore we can’t say that they treat insomnia. By using something like Melatrol, you’re able to recalibrate your sleeping habits. After a short period of time, your sleep schedule will eventually be reset and you should be able to sleep without thinking about it, like we were meant to do.

Insomnia is definitely treatable and there are many different ways in which people go about doing it. Obviously a huge thing that most people can agree works is eliminating stress from your life. Some stress elements are easier to eliminate than others, but it should come as no surprise that stress and anxiety are the biggest culprits behind insomnia and the inability to fall asleep. If there’s something you need to do in order to give your mind peace, you should probably do it to help yourself fall asleep.


What Other Things Can Be Done?

Apart from taking Melatrol which has been proven to work for the vast majority of individuals facing sleeping issues, there is a plethora of things that can be done. Your mind and well-being is constantly being altered and affected through different areas of your life. Stress, restlessness, illness, and so many other things can and will contribute to your ability or inability to go to sleep and enjoy a deep rest. Here are the main things you can do right now to start sleeping again:


Minimize Stress & Anxiety As Much As Possible

Obviously this is easier said than done, but it remains important to factor in. It is definitely arguable that the majority of Americans facing insomnia are facing it due to stress. Whether it be about work, relationships, the kids, or other areas of your life – it’s important to try your best at reducing and possibly eliminating the stress. If a job causes you to be stressed constantly and is contributing to long-term insomnia, this job could potentially shorten your lifespan by many years. This means that finding a new and less stressful job is imperative in order for you to enjoy your life.


Incorporate exercise & Fitness Into Your Life

This is possibly the most underrated tactic you could use to help you with sleeping. Supplements, foods, and a stress-free lifestyle are all great, but the one thing you can rely on to get a guaranteed restful sleep is a tired body. Your mind and body are constantly working together in harmony to provide you with the best results possible. When our muscles, tendons, and joints are used for activity, our mind orders the body to sleep in order to rejuvenate itself. Working out can be tough especially when you go at it hard, but it might be necessary to help you achieve the sleep you need.


Practice Meditation & Mindfulness

While this can work in amazing ways for certain people, it isn’t foolproof. Only a select group of people can actually achieve a state of bliss when it comes to meditation and mindfulness making it a very potent (but difficult) strategy for battling insomnia. People who are capable of successfully meditating and numbing their minds report a 180 degree turn in their sleeping habits. When used correctly, there are very few things that can give you a better sleep than meditation.


Do The Little Things (They Matter)

Throughout your life, you’ve probably heard many tips and tricks about getting a good night’s rest. Things such as snacking on cherries, avoiding screen time before bed, and reading are all things that we brush off, but they actually do work. One big mistake that many people make is lounging in their room all too often. This subconsciously programs your brain into thinking that your bedroom is not solely for sleeping and rest, which can contribute to insomnia. Reading (even if you hate it) has shown to provide immense results and get people sleeping like babies. Do the little things, and you will reap the rewards later for it.


Why You Need To Treat Insomnia As Fast As Possible

Unfortunately, insomnia is brushed off as being something less than dangerous far too often. In fact, insomnia is potentially more dangerous over the longterm than many other more notable illnesses or diseases, such as obesity. You see, obesity is a very apparent problem and can be halted quite quickly by a motivated individual who sees the impending danger. When it comes to insomnia however, many people don’t stop it. Because you don’t see it and doctors don’t make a big deal out of it, people brush off insomnia thinking that it is just a slight issue and not a true health concern.

Avoiding to treat insomnia as quickly as possible can lead to lethal effects over a prolonged period of time. Although rare, sleep deprivation can certainly cause an early grave and dozens of other issues. Examples of conditions linked with insomnia include chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD), overactive thyroid, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Getting a good amount of sleep is far more important than we like to think. On top of that, insomnia is just plain annoying to deal with.


The Difference Between Habit Forming & Non-Habit Forming Sleeping Aid

The best way to describe typical sleeping pills prescribed by doctors is to compare them to trying to put a bandaid and some numbing solution on a scar that needs immediate treatment. You might be tricked into thinking that the problem has been solved because the pain has dissipated and the scar is invisible behind a bandaid. Over the next couple of days, you will begin to feel pain again and the scar will still be there, because it needs urgent care.

The same can be said about most sleeping pills. You will sleep, but it will be an unnatural sleep and for some odd reason, you don’t usually feel as rested as you normally would. You also can’t seem to fall asleep the next night without using the sleeping pill once more. Eventually, most people become desensitized to the pills and need to increase their dosage to feel the same effect. This is not a sustainable plan.

Non-habit forming sleep aids like Melatrol work in a different way. They work to make your body naturally want to fall asleep and get that deep REM sleep. Because it is a natural sleep, you wake up feeling far more satisfied with the quality of your sleep. You also find that after a few days, your sleep schedule is back how it once was. By now you should be able to fall asleep organically and constantly feel satisfied in regards to your rest.


The Verdict: Non-Habit Forming Sleep Aid That Works

We are still in the infancy stage of completely solving insomnia, but it seems that we are making some progress. Melatrol is the first of its kind and is able to help you get that deep sleep you’ve been longing for without making you become dependant on it. There are not many other products on the market that can emulate such results making it one of the most sought-after sleeping solutions of the year. Click here to read more about it.