Best Stretch Mark Prevention During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, you have likely already thought about the bumps that come with such a journey. Morning sickness, mood swings, andcravings are some of the most common and talked about problems people discuss when it comes to pregnancy, but all of these things are temporary. What will you carry for the rest of your life?

Well if you aren’t careful, you may develop stretch marks throughout your pregnancy and as we all know, stretch marks are (mostly) permanent. Once you get them, there really isn’t much you can do. That’s why it’s important that we try to be very cautious and studious when it comes to preventing stretch marks before and during pregnancy. You’ll get over morning sickness and insomnia, but this is permanent damage to your skin we’re talking about!


Best Stretch Mark Prevention Cream During Pregnancy

You can’t prevent or beat stretch marks on your own – you’ll need help. It’s for this reason that we recommend using Revitol to fight stretch marks. It is not only effective in reducing and fading stretch marks once you have them, but it is excellent at helping prevent stretch marks from forming especially during pregnancy. We’ve reviewed quite an array of products that are meant from stretch mark prevention on dozens of women and the only one that provided consistent results was Revitol. If you’re serious about avoiding stretch marks, check out this product.stretch mark prevention

Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy Without Creams: Possible?

Anything is possible, but there is no sure-fire, foolproof way to prevent them from happening without using Revitol. That isn’t to say that stretch marks are inevitable because they’re not. Some people don’t gain as much weight as others while some women have skin that is more resilient to rapid expansion. It always differs and will vary from woman to woman. There are things you can do at home to decrease the likelihood of stretch marks appearing, but they are not guaranteed to work and be foolproof. Creams are often recommended to those who want to avoid skin damage.


1. Stay Hydrated At All Times

stretch mark prevention pregnancy

Just because you drink a gallon of water every day doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be immune to stretch marks, but it is a great start. You retain as much elasticity in your skin as possible to avoid cracking with the expansion of the skin. Drinking water and staying hydrated is a great way to keep all of your skin healthy and happy, and external application of creams is only going to help in that process.

Being dehydrated or not drinking enough water is definitely not something you want to be doing if you’re someone who wants to avoid stretch marks at all costs. So be sure to keep a bottle of water near you at all times before and throughout your pregnancy in order to ensure that your skin is in the best position possible to avoid damage.


2. Try To Consume (And Avoid) Certain Foods

Obviously, diet is not the word you want to hear during pregnancy considering the cravings, nausea, and constant mood swings are already pretty bad as it is. Still, if you can try to incorporate more fruits and veggies in your diet, you’ll be giving yourself a ton of leverage. Calcium is also great for staying away from stretch marks. While it’s probably best to cut down on the amount of meat you take in (generally), lean meats like fish and chicken should be fine.

You may be fine to eat some refined sugars and fast food once in a while to give in to your cravings, but it certainly isn’t recommended for prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy. In reality, foods like cakes, fries, and sugary sodas are bad for everyone’s skin (pregnant or not), but you can imagine that they would be even worse for a pregnant woman. In moderation you should be fine, but be careful of crossing the line and eating too much junk food.


3. Reduce Stress As Much As Possible (Seriously)

This may sounds like a gimme, but it is far more important than most realize. Fail to reduce stress, and nothing else you will have done matters. Dieting, hydration, or whatever techniques you may be incorporating into your life will be completely countered by the stress factor. Again, stress is bad for the skin of every single person, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. Obviously, this is much easier said than done considering pregnancy can be a stressful time in a woman’s life, but you should try to reduce stress when it’s something you can control.


4. Massage & Exfoliate The Skin Weekly Or More

Skin is very malleable. It will expand and remain smooth if everything is done gradually and in a gentle matter. Massaging and exfoliating this area of your body is very beneficial in “easing your skin into it”. This step is probably a bit less important than the others but as they say, it’s the little things that end up having the biggest impacts. You should try and massage your belly at least once a week for 30 minutes if not more; daily care of the skin is the best but can prove to be quite tedious.

Exfoliating your skin is also great, but can be done more infrequently than massaging. It’s been proven that these two techniques can be beneficial in the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy for some women. It may not work for every single woman, but it is certainly worth a try.


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5. Apply A Proven Stretch Mark Cream

Again, we have to go back to what actually works. The biggest indicator of whether or not women have stretch marks post-pregnancy will be determined by their use (or non-use) of a great cream. Aloe vera and coconut oil can help in some instances, but again we go back to Revitol. It is not only the best at preventing stretch marks, but can sometimes help reverse them in very early cases of skin damage. To be sure that you’ll be avoiding having this damage, you should combine all of the known methods with Revitol to ensure you’re giving yourself the best shot at getting out of this “clean”.


Why Stretch Marks Occur in Some People & Not in Others

You would think that since pregnancy is essentially the same for every woman (biologically) that it would produce the same results in most cases. That simply isn’t the case however, and there are many reasons and variables as to why it depends on a case by case basis. First, we must understand that stretch marks are basically marks/tears of the skin caused by rapid expansion of the affected area. For example, stretch marks are quite common in teenagers who grow too fast for their bodies. They are also quite prevalent during instances of rapid weight gain, whether it be fat or muscle.

There are many reasons as to why some people may not develop stretch marks during or after their pregnancy. If an individual was on the larger side to begin with, then it is likely that their skin has already “stretched” over time and this new expansion will not cause much of a difference in the skin cells. Genetics can and often do play a major role in the development of stretch marks as well. Stretch marks may or may not be prevalent in a family, so be sure to consult with your family members to find out whether or not they’ve ever had to deal with stretch marks throughout their life.

Lastly, it comes down to how people take care of themselves. Some women may constantly be more hydrated than others, whether they are consciously making an effort or not. Some are using products like Revitol before and during their pregnancy, while others have a strict diet they are following. Unfortunately for us, there is no single cause of stretch marks that we can find and totally eliminate. For the most part, stretch marks are caused by a combination of things making them difficult to predict and prevent.


Best Stretch Mark Prevention During Pregnancy: Conclusion

The verdict we reach is that it is certainly possible to influence whether or not you develop stretch marks throughout your pregnancy. Just like with losing 30 pounds in a month, it generally all predicates upon whether or not you are going to be committed and determined to preventing this from happening. Are you willing to withhold from your favorite junk foods? How about constantly drinking water to make sure you’re hydrated? These are questions you must ask yourself if you truly want to achieve success and preventing these stretch marks from appearing.

Remember – you’re going to control what does and does not happen to your body. Genetics play a role, but they don’t completely determine your outcome. Just because your mother developed stretch marks when she was pregnant with you does not definitively tell us that the same would happen with you. Stay totally hydrated, avoid putting junk food into your body, and always apply anti-stretch mark cream to have the strongest defense possible against this skin damage.

Ana S. Vargas