Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream For Old Stretch Marks

old stretch mark cream

When we’re talking about stretch marks, there are generally two types that people can have. Old stretch marks which have slightly faded over the months/years, or newer stretch marks which can often have a reddish/purplish hue that makes them very visible. These stretch marks are evidently not adored by the people who have them and removing them is something that many people think about, but only a few actually go through with the process of figuring out how to do this. Most will assume that having the stretch marks removed will be either costly, time-consuming, or both. These assumptions are false in nature – removing stretch marks (new or old) has never been easier and more cost-effective than it is now.


Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream For Old Stretch Marks

The best stretch mark removal cream that works specifically to target old stretch marks is Revitol’s Stretch Mark Cream. Though we have quite a bit of experience with Revitol products, we were still relatively late to the party at finding their stretch mark product. This cream works not only to get rid of stretch marks, but to prevent them as well. Since both of these situations come down to (mostly) lack of collagen and elasticity, this product works in multiple facets and can work to prevent future stretch marks as well. When comparing it to others on the market, this product stacks up quite nicely given how effectively it seems to work. Few applications are needed to be rewarded with great results and this is what makes it such a popular selection for men and women of all walks of life. Click here to check out their product.

old stretch marks

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Rates Of Success

What arguably matters most in selecting a stretch mark cream that you’ll be using is how effective it is or its rate of success. As you probably know, most stretch mark creams (and skincare products in general) don’t really work as well as they’re advertised. Often, they don’t work at all! This has made shoppers all over the country and world wary of these phoney products that do nothing but hurt your pockets.

Thankfully, rate of success is not something we have to worry about when talking about Revitol’s product. Our findings show that nearly 96% of all users who applied the cream twice a week for a duration of four weeks saw noticeable results. In the instances where results were minimal, the stretch marks were typically quite new and sensitive making them difficult to combat. When the stretch marks were a little bit older however, they were quite quick to fade away and almost completely disappear in all of our testers. It truly is a remarkable product and there doesn’t seem to be anything quite like it for stretch marks.


Why It’s The Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream For Older Marks

Most people already know that stretch marks are quite difficult to deal with when they’re both young and old, but especially when they’re new. They are difficult to get rid of when new because the area is likely still growing and your body is trying to repair the damage under the skin. We can usually tell that the stretch marks are new and there is damage under the skin because of the purplish hue they will often have and because they are sometimes sensitive to the touch. We’ll generally recommend an individual to wait it out for a period of a few weeks in order to let the skin repair itself, at least internally. 

Once the stretch marks lose their purple hue and become very light in appearance, one can begin the process of having these marks removed. The reason that Revitol’s cream is so effective against old stretch marks in particular is because it contains just the right amount of nutrients to help your skin produce the necessary amount of collagen to promote elasticity and skin reparation. It’s not uncommon at all to find that many of the other stretch mark removing products on the market are highly watered-down making them far less effective and efficient at really getting rid of the stretch marks. We can’t say that they all are ineffective though since there are a few gems out there, but typically they’re a little bit harder to find.


Removing Older Marks: A Necessity?

It’s only natural that a good portion of our readers are going to ask themselves if getting rid of older stretch marks is even a necessity. After all, they are far less apparent and obvious to the naked eye once they become whitish, right? While that is generally true, stretch marks never really disappear on their own. You may hear from certain individuals that with time, all stretch marks eventually fade into the skin and that your skin will look like it once did without doing anything other than waiting. Unfortunately for us that couldn’t be further from the truth; stretch marks never fully go away on their own regardless of what the gurus might say – you need some type of treatment of product in order for them to go away.

Now whether or not removing stretch marks is a necessity is a different discussion altogether. The obvious answer is no, you don’t have to get rid of the stretch marks. They are obviously harmless and have no impact on your health or well-being whatsoever. However, having stretch marks can have a big impact on your confidence, self-esteem, and belief. Some would argue that mental health is just as important (if not more important) than your physical well-being in certain respects. If you feel that having stretch marks on your body is affecting you in a negative way emotionally or mentally, then having them removed might be a necessity.

We should also consider the actual location of the stretch marks themselves. When they are hidden for 95% of our lives (back, tummy) we can generally live with it since we aren’t exposing these areas all that often to the public. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t remove stretch marks in these areas – rather they are easier to live with. Individuals who have these marks on their arms, legs, shoulders, or hips might have a stronger desire to fade their marks since they are typically more visible as we expose these areas in our daily lives. Wherever your stretch marks may be – having them removed is a good idea if it is something that you feel is impacting your life in a negative way.


Bottom Line: Removal Of Old Stretch Marks With A Cream

If you’ve done your research, you know that there are more ways than one to have stretch marks removed. Obviously certain medical procedures and surgery are an option in theory, but in practicality these procedures are very expensive and not ideal and/or realistic for the average person. This is why we recommend using a great stretch mark cream like Revitol – it works to remove your old, existing stretch mark (and prevent new ones from forming) in a quick and pain-free manner. There isn’t an easier way to go about dealing with stretch marks and it truly pains us to see so many suffer from not knowing how to have their stretch marks removed. Now, there is a better solution.

Ana S. Vargas