How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads Under The Skin (2023 Update)

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Getting rid of whiteheads under the skin is a difficult task as these kind of pimples are notoriously more difficult to deal with. Essentially, these are formed the same way as any other pimple but they lie under the skin – painful and nearly impossible to pop without causing serious damage to the surrounding areas. When left alone, you can often expect the whitehead to eventually surface and make itself visible for popping. Though not ideal, it is likely the easiest way of dealing with these annoying and painful pimples.


Getting Rid Of Whiteheads Under The Skin: Basic Way

If you’re in no rush, getting rid of these deep whiteheads is actually quite simple. The first step is to leave the area alone and to not aggravate it with pressure of any sort. If you do not see the opening on top of the skin, do not try to pop this pimple because at that moment, the pimple itself is un-poppable and trying to do so will only result in a damaged face. Play the waiting game and once the pimple reaches the surface, you may go ahead and pop it. Be sure to quickly apply some sort of anti-bacterial fluid like rubbing alcohol to prevent the pimple from returning.

Applying toothpaste to the affected area has shown to provide individuals with positive results and is said to speed up the process in which the pimple comes to the surface. Evidently, it isn’t very convenient for most people to spend their days with toothpaste all over their face. However, using this technique overnight while you sleep should work well and provide you with results.


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Longterm Solution To Getting Rid Of Whiteheads Under The Skin

Applying toothpaste and playing the waiting game can certainly work to help remove whiteheads, but if you are someone who is constantly having to battle with these pimples, it is just unrealistic to keep doing this technique and it is quite frankly too painful to do so. In cases such as this one, individuals must find a way to defeat the whiteheads more efficiently and get to the root of the problem instead of just popping them once they are ready. This solution actually exists and works in wonderful ways – it is called Acnezine Cleanser by Revitol. It works to get deep at the roof of these whiteheads to eliminate them within 24-48 hours and prevent them from spawning in the future.

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Why Whiteheads Form

Generally, they are the same things you would find that form all types of pimples or skin clogs. Dirt, oil, debris, hormonal changes, and lifestyle habits. A combination of all these things may or may not be the reason for breaking out with whiteheads. In many cases, these painful pimples buried under your skin are often correlated to poor diet choices, specifically pertaining to greasy foods. Many individuals report having to deal with such acne cases only hours/days after eating a few consecutive unhealthy meals. Other things that can cause whiteheads to form:

  • Puberty
  • Hereditary-Factors
  • Stress
  • Life’s Hormonal Changes
  • Life Habits

Unfortunately, genetics can also play a big role into whether or not you have to deal with acne. This is a tough pill to swallow because unlike habits, diet, and stress levels, there really isn’t much most people can do about their genetics. If you have genetics that give you naturally oily skin, you will be more susceptible to getting whiteheads than someone who does not have oily skin. To combat this, you must take extra precaution to keep your skin dry (of oil) and clean at all times to prevent these pimples as best you can.


Things To Avoid

There are a plethora of things to avoid when it comes to preventing and managing whiteheads burrowed deep in the skin. If you are already faced with the challenge of having a deep whitehead(s), you must be very careful to not aggravate it in any way or apply any pressure. Doing so will only result in more pain, rupturing, and damage to the area. There is no way of extracting the contents of the acne in a non-violent way. For this reason, not much good can come out of forcefully trying to pop a pimple that isn’t ready to be popped.

As previously noted, greasy and fatty foods tend to have a very negative effect when it comes to managing or preventing acne; in fact, these greasy foods could potentially be precisely why you’re dealing with the acne in the first place. Try to cut it out of your diet and minimize sugar as well in order to prevent future breakouts from occurring and to manage already present acne.

Lastly, stress is a much bigger component than people give it credit for. Being stressed or not getting enough rest can have a tremendously negative impact on you and give you more whiteheads under the skin. If possible, try to minimize your stress levels as much as possible to cross off another potential contributing element for whiteheads under the skin.


Bottom Line: Removal Of Whiteheads Under The Skin

Acne is inherently more internal than many people realize. Yes, it is vital that one has clean skin and tries to avoid dealing with oily skin, but internal factors are just as important if not more important. There are plenty of individuals who keep their skin completely dry and clean yet still face acne and painful whiteheads and this is most likely an outcome of poor diet choices, lifestyle, or stress. Avoid these contributing factors while using something like Acnezine, and you are well on your way to stopping these whiteheads permanently and quickly. Once you’ve treated the whiteheads, also check out how to get rid of deep acne scars.

Ana S. Vargas