Hair Growth Pills That ACTUALLY Work In 2022

Hair loss has been a very prevalent issue amongst men for hundreds of years, and we are now seeing it become a substantial problem for women as well. In general, it is very easy to tell a person without hair (or little hair) that it is no big deal when you yourself has a full head of hair. However, hair loss can have a tremendously negative impact on someone in more ways than one; not only can it potentially make someone less attractive and shrink their dating pool, but it can (and usually does) make people lose confidence in themselves and have a typically lower level of self-esteem. This is one of the biggest reasons why hair loss is such a large issue and why so many are in search of a solution.


Hair Growth Pills That ACTUALLY Work Fast In 2022

Odds are that this isn’t your first time looking into solutions as they pertain to hair growth and stopping hair loss altogether. If this is true, then you’re likely already well-aware of the fact that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of hair-growth products constantly being advertised through the media and internet. The sad reality is that finding a product that truly works in the way it is described is like finding a diamond in the rough. It can be extremely difficult and tedious, but in the end it’s all worth it. Fortunately for our readers, we were able to get our testers out in the field to try the dozens of popular hair growth pills on the market to really find out which ones work and which don’t. It wasn’t surprising to find that over 90% were as effective as water at growing hair (non-effective), but the ones that did work were absolutely remarkable. Going from completely bald to having a full head of hair is only possible through tools like these.

Keep in mind that while all of them work to a certain extent and have been proven to show positive effects and promote hair growth, the product that is truly the most potent and effective at regrowing hair is the hair juice accelerator. Other products work at varying degrees but the one that has shown the most consistent and positive results is the first option on our list.


1. Provillus

When it comes to results and nothing else, there really isn’t any competition. Sure – some may come close. Other products may even claim to be able to produce better results than the Provillus hair regrowth system. We’re here to put those myths to rest; at the time of this writing, no product is able to match the success rates you’ll find with this supplement. Combine that with the fact that the advanced formula is pretty much all-natural, it really doesn’t get any better.


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2. Folexin

If there was no Provillus, this would more than likely take the cake as being the best hair growth product on the market. It is eerily similar to its competitor; they are both all natural and both use the same growth strategy. However, our studies have shown that it is slightly less capable of bringing consistent results in Asian individuals. For this reason, we simply cannot place it above the Hair Juice Accelerator. With that being said, it is still a good product for most people.

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hair growth actually works3. Regen

Regen is also a great product that we haven’t given enough credit since finding out about it. It works at about a 70% success rate. The reason we don’t speak about it as often is because it contains a decent amount of Minoxidil which we aren’t necessarily the biggest fans of. Though it won’t always be harmful, it isn’t advisable to use very frequently. The results brought about by Regen also don’t seem to last as long to some people.

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Each and every one of these products work to a certain degree. However, some work better for others. Typically, the Hair Juice Accelerator should work for anybody coming from any racial background regardless of their genetics or lifestyle, and that is why we recommend it so strongly. Other products also work well but don’t necessarily bring that consistency that we’re looking for when using hair growth products.


Should You Use Hair Growth Products?

This is a question that you may have asked yourself if you’re in a situation where you’re considering taking action to start regrowing your hair. The answer? Yes you should! Hair loss is no joke and unfortunately there is no way to magically make it regrow on your own with diet or exercise. No amount of carbohydrates or protein can bring your hair back if you’ve lost it, and minimizing stress only really works in preventative situations rather than in restoration.

Of course individuals who have allergies or special conditions should engage in extensive research to determine the safety of each product and whether or not using them are worth the trouble. Regen for example uses Minoxidil. While most people can use this product safely, there are quite a few who are allergic to the ingredient and using it will cause a lot more harm than good. So if you’re looking into purchasing a hair-growth product and you believe it could cause health complications, be sure to consult with a doctor and/or perform extensive research into each product.


Alternative Solutions To Stopping Hair Loss

The unfortunate truth is that if there was an alternative, foolproof way of growing hair, we’d probably already know about it and it would be used by tens of millions worldwide. In situations like this one, prevention is far more capable as opposed to restoration of hair. Once you lose it, getting it to grow back is very difficult through natural herbs or home remedies. Possible? Maybe, but highly unlikely. Because of the very small population of people who can actually achieve success using these techniques, we’ll list them off.

Stop Stress A.S.A.P.

You’ve heard the sayings since you were a child. “I’m so stressed out that I’m losing my hair!”. Well, while that statement might be a hyperbole for most people, it is actually based on truth (like most sayings). When accompanied by great levels of stress, we tend to have a hard time holding onto our hair. If you notice that you’re starting to lose your hair and are stressed out, do everything in your power to stop the stress or you might reach a point of no return!

Get Sleep, Eat Right

Your hair is made of protein, and almost all growth in the body takes place when we are sleeping. Ever notice that a beard will grow much more while sleeping as opposed to throughout the day? This is because sleep promotes hair growth and all growth in general through the body. Be sure to get your protein and sleep to keep growing hair.

Quit Smoking/Drinking

This is not only very beneficial for your hair growth journey, but it is beneficial across the board. You’ll notice a ton of benefits in your health by quitting smoking and drinking alcohol, especially if these are things you do at a high frequency.

Don’t Overheat The Hair

If you do have hair, be sure to not overheat it in the shower or with a hair dryer. Heat damages the hair greatly. Understandably, people will want to use warm water on their head as cold water is uncomfortable. That’s fine as long as you don’t go overboard – you won’t lose hair from warm water but hot water certainly doesn’t help.


Bottom Line: Hair Growth Pills That Actually Work

The reason you’re looking for pills that truly work is because the vast majority of them don’t, which is sad. Many have given up on their goals of eventually regrowing their hair because of the fact that so many shabby products have led them to believe that it is either impossible to achieve or extremely unlikely. Don’t fall into the trap though – hair growth pills that actually work really do exist and they are helping thousands to achieve their dreams of regrowing a full head of hair!


Ana S. Vargas