How To Increase Bust Size In 1 Week

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Many women across the globe dream about increasing their bust size or making their breasts bigger. It has become such a ‘craze’ that breast augmentation is one of the most commonly done cosmetic medical procedures around the world (if not the most common). Evidently, surgery is not the most practical or feasible thing for most women, and it is quickly brushed to the side. However, the desire for larger breasts remains extremely common and does not look to be fading away anytime soon. With that being said, there exist methods of noticeable breast augmentation over short periods of time, and almost anyone should be able to drastically increase their bust size at home with a little bit of dedication.



How To Truly Increase Bust Size In 1 Week

Because our genetics are permanent and aren’t going to be changing anytime soon, It’s important to understand that true change can only come from an external source. As a result, most women tend to lose hope as the only apparent external source is usually a surgical procedure. However, there is a very potent and powerful tool that is gaining traction in the world of breast augmentation, and that is Brestrogen.

Brestrogen is the only known formula that has a success rate of over 81% when it comes to the increasing of breast mass/size. Due to the tremendous level of success women are having with it, the product is vastly gaining more notoriety all around the globe and has surgeons wondering how it all works. The beauty of the product is that it is all natural and will not bring about any side effects, making it virtually unbeatable in the market and really one of the best options available.

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Why Brestrogen Works

Brestrogen is a three step natural enhancement system that uses only all-natural ingredients. It contains the necessary ingredients which are essential for the growth of breast tissue and fat. These are elements which are already produced naturally in our bodies, and things such as hormone levels and genetics are to explain for why breast size varies from woman to woman. However, by using Brestrogen we can bypass our natural system in a way and gain the same benefit(s) that other women who naturally have these elements present benefit from.

The fact that the ingredients are all natural only strengthen the case of the product. Essentially, women who use it should not expect any side effects or strange outcomes from using Brestrogen. This gives you the peace of mind that you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by using it.


Possible To ‘Beat The System’ When Increasing Bust Size?

Even when presented with an option that has had remarkable amounts of success in the past, many women will continue to look for something easier, cheaper, or quicker. To break it down, they are looking to beat the system and gain instant results. Obviously this is more-or-less impossible to do and there are not any options available that can naturally increase breast size faster than Brestrogen. Surgery is the only choice for women who want to make their breasts larger ‘overnight’ so to speak, but that is not natural and you usually have to wait quite a while before getting the procedure done. Did I mention that it generally costs anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000+ to have the surgery done?

For the time being, there is no way to cheat and increase your bust size in a cheaper or quicker way than using Brestrogen. Certain things can help set you up for success better in the long term, but they won’t transform you from an A-cup to a D-cup alone. This can only be achieved from external sources.


Things That Set You Up For Success (Increasing Bust Size In A Week)

Now, there are some certain things that you can do to better prepare you for success. The best way to easily and quickly increase bust size is to use Brestrogen, but this product works even more successfully when you set it up with the proper foundation. This means doing the things necessary to ensure that your body will work in harmony with the natural ingredient found inside of Brestrogen to give you the results you’re looking for.


1. Do Pushups, Lift Dumbbells

This is probably not what you want to hear, and it certainly isn’t something that most women are jumping for joy to do. However, it can be very beneficial. Just like how men can increase their pec size by using pushups and exercise to their advantage, women can do the same. By leveraging pushups and dumbbell exercise in cohesion with the use of Breast Actives, you greatly increase your odds of having the bust size you want. They are not necessary, but prove to be great at setting the foundation.


2. Gain Some Weight

It goes without mentioning that if you decide to try this technique, you need to be very careful of not overdoing it. There’s no shame in gaining an extra 5 – 10 lbs if you’re someone who is skinny or a normal weight. Gaining weight means that you’ll also be gaining weight not only in your bust, but in other areas of your body as well such as your stomach and legs. Doing this can help, but for most women it does more harm than good.


3. Increase Your Levels Of Estrogen

This one is huge – estrogen plays a pivotal role in the development of breasts in women. The women with the largest breasts often have some of the highest levels of estrogen and it shows in their figure. There are many ways you can go about increasing your estrogen levels, though they are mainly dietary. Supplements can also work. These are the main foods you should aim to eat for more estrogen production:

  • Lentils and chickpeas
  • Lima and kidney beans
  • Dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Spices such as sage, clover, and oregano
  • Fruits such as apples, cherries, and plums
  • Vegetables such as beets, carrots, and cucumbers
  • Grains such as rice, barley, and wheat


4. Have Patience

Remember, achieving a noticeable increase in the size of your bust is not easy, and usually not quick. If you aren’t going to be using Brestrogen, it’s important that you remain patient and avoid making rash decisions. If increasing your estrogen hasn’t worked right away, give it an extra week or two to be sure that it’s something you can totally eliminate. Patience is a virtue.


Why You Should Want To Increase Your Bust Size In 1 Week

It’s not uncommon at all for women to feel guilty about having certain desires, and this is certainly one instance where that rings true. This is a toxic mentality to have, and you should avoid feeling poorly about yourself for having certain desires. Instead, focus on how increasing your breast size will help you. The main benefit you can gain from having your bust size increased is an improved confidence, which is perhaps the most important thing in your life, at least mentally.

An increased bust size can also enhance your physical beauty. Beauty does start on the inside, but unfortunately the world we live in doesn’t always see it that way. Women with larger breasts are often favored for many things including jobs, tips, and a plethora of other things you are probably already well informed about. That along with improving your confidence make enhancing your breasts totally worth it.


Women Who Should Reconsider

Now, there are certain women out there who should reconsider their choices and whether or not they truly wish to increase their bust size. For one, women who are doing it because someone else wants them to should avoid having surgery or looking towards increasing their bust size. Nobody should ever feel pressured into doing something with their bodies if they are not comfortable doing it.

Women who are also making an emotional decision should also give it some time before making a final choice. When we are emotional, we tend to make rash decisions and these decisions often end up hurting us in the long run. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, it would be wise to think thoroughly before making such a choice, because there is often no going back on a move like this. Be sure that what you think you want is what you really and truly desire.


Bottom Line: Increasing Your Bust Size In 1 Week

Getting a bigger bust or booty in 7 days is something that most women on this earth would want. It is just a fact of life that physical appearance means a lot, especially for women. With the dawn of social media, this has never been more true and people are more one dimensional than ever before making it important that we play the part. If you truly want to increase the size of your bust in under a week or less, you’ve got to check out Brestrogen and see if it’s something you should consider using.


Ana S. Vargas