PhenQ Review – Does It Work?


More and more people are struggling to lose weight phenq reviewseach year, despite studies showing us that humans are (on average) eating healthier than our ancestors. Even when limiting our carb intake and exercising regularly – many of us find that shedding the extra pounds can not only be tedious, but it can be downright challenging and stressful as well. Exercise and dieting alone just doesn’t cut it for many people.

In the last decade or so, weight loss supplements have become more and more popular. Although many have been proven to not work at all and just be scams, there are a decent number of supplements that have actually provided results for some individuals. Amongst those is PhenQ – in this review we’ll dive into this product and try to figure out just how legitimate it is.


PhenQ Review: What is PhenQ & What Does It Do?

PhenQ is simply a dietary supplement developed as a fat burner. It is packed with natural and scientifically studied ingredients that can help you lose weight by slowing down fat production.

Made by Wolfson Berg Limited, PhenQ was designed to burn calories, improve energy, decrease food cravings, suppress appetite, and boost mood.

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Active Ingredients

Since its introduction to the market, PhenQ has been gaining a massive popularity because of its natural ingredients. Some of them are highlighted below:

Capsicum Blend

One of the active ingredients in PhenQ is Capsicum Blend. Aside from capsicum, it is also made of piperine, usually found in black pepper. But does PhenQ state spicy? No! There is no such effect from the supplement.

Over the past few years, experts find that pepper extracts are interrelated with thermogenic processes. What is it really? How does it work? Studies show it increases a person’s core body temperature by burning calories.

Wolfson Berg Limited claims that PhenQ has 50 mg of the capsicum blend, taking thermogenesis to a different level.

Due to the potential of thermogenic components to ensure weight loss or fat burning effect, they have been used in most products in today’s industry.

Chromium Picolinate

Another thing I love about PhenQ is its Chromium Picolinate because it can balance a good level of blood sugar.

Before, I extremely craved carbs and sugar. But after a week of using PhenQ, I feel that something changed with my cravings.

For those who also love sweets and are planning to shred a pound, I’d highly recommend this supplement. It is very effective and useful.


Caffeine is another active component in this supplement, which I love as a coffee lover.

Generally, caffeine has been found to boost concentration and mental energy.

But it goes beyond that. In fact, caffeine can trigger your metabolism, reduce your hunger cravings, and lower your appetite. For that reason, you can easily stick with a strict and balanced diet.

While the capsicum blend is around 50 mg, the caffeine content of PhenQ is available at 140 mg. It is indeed equivalent to a large cup of coffee.


Fat burning supplements are not new to me. I tried one before. However, it didn’t work. Luckily I found PhenQ. While doing some research, I found familiar ingredients. But I haven’t heard of Nopal before.

As I dig in for information, Nopal is a fiber found from a type of cactus plant, and Wolfson Berg Limited claims it is good for digestion.

It particularly works as a filler in the stomach.

Some believe that Nopal has a weight-losing effect. But it needs further studies to prove this claim.

Packed with a dietary fiber, Nopal normalizes digestion according to experts out there.


As an essential amino acid, L-Carnitine fumarate is capable of transporting fatty acids to muscles, which are used as a good source of energy.

L-Carnitine is another common ingredient in PhenQ due to this known benefit.

L-Carnitine has also been proven to build or even maintain muscle health, perfect for those who are losing pounds.

L-Carnitine is usually found in red meat, green vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.

A-Lacys Reset

As a product of LYS and CYS, A-Lacys Reset is a potent weight loss compound in PhenQ. Known as a patented and active formula, A-Lacys Reset balances both the neutralization and production of free radicals.

Aside from chromium Picolinate, A-Lacys Reset makes this supplement effective and useful for my weight loss regimen.

What I enjoy about A-Lacys Reset is its ability to speed up my metabolism. If you have been suffering from slow metabolism, A-Lacys Reset at PhenQ would be a lifesaver.

That’s not all! The compounds are tested to increase the body’s muscle mass, burn fat, reduce fatigue, improve mood, and recover from serious injuries.


PhenQ formula includes Niacin. Rich in essential vitamins, Niacin Powder helps the body convert food into energy. Enough niacin intake increases appetite.

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Why Choose PhenQ?

bottle and phenq pills out

There are many fitness supplements to pick today. While the number of weight loss pills can be an advantage, it is confusing to choose the one that best matches your requirements.

PhenQ is a trusted pill that stands apart from the competition. Here’s what makes it different from others:

  • Flatten your Belly

PhenQ has been the go-to option for many as it effectively flattens the belly. Thanks to its pepper extract and caffeine. Both of these active ingredients are proven to provide great thermogenic effects.

But don’t forget to increase your core body temperature to burn more energy. A regular and proper workout routine can play a crucial role. Instead of lifting weights, simple exercises are worth your attention. Some push-ups are useful.

  • Boost Your Metabolism

During the long holiday seasons, you’ve probably gained weight. You’re unable to exercise regularly. Your sugar and carb intake is higher than ever. The fat in your body is no exception.

When holidays are over, and you’re ready to shred a pound, your metabolism would not be as normal as you think. It takes time before you can restore your fit and sexy figure. This is where PhenQ can help.

  • Control and Manage Your Hunger

Have you started changing your diet? Are you trying to cut some fat thru fasting? Whatever your case might be, it would be hard to control your hunger and other cravings.

Worry no more! PhenQ is packed with dietary supplements, including fiber, to help you fill-up. Aside from fiber, it is composed of chromium, which is responsible for balancing blood sugar levels.

After a few days of intake, you would be able to control your hunger easily. Then, your cravings would start to decrease as time goes by.

  • Increase Both of Your Mental and Physical Stamina

It would be frustrating when you feel out of focus in front of your table in the office. This is particularly true when you need to finish a pile of paper works, prepare a business presentation, or meet new business partners.

PhenQ is an effective solution that has been getting popular these days. Made with enough caffeine, PhenQ can boost your mental cognition. Your physical stamina is no exception. If you are unable to concentrate as before, this supplement will be worth it.

  • Improve Your Mood and Energy

Another advantage of taking PhenQ is the change in your energy and mood. You would feel a livelier every day. You would be more active than ever. Regular and proper PhenQ intake allows you to focus and get some tasks done without compromising quality results.

  • Lose Weight Naturally

Most medications for weight loss are made with harmful chemicals, which can provide some damaging effects. This supplement from Wolfson Berg Limited, on the other hand, is only made of natural and safe components. Once incorporated into your diet, PhenQ allows you to lose weight as naturally as possible. Aside from caffeine, it is packed with fiber, vitamins, and other minerals.

  • Enjoy a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Today’s pills usually don’t have a money-back guarantee. PhenQ is different. In fact, it’s available with a 60-day-money-back guarantee. Whether you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the result, the company has a comfortable and great return policy you deserve in the first place.

  • It Consists of a High-Quality Formula

What makes PhenQ a favorite of many? Its natural, effective, and active ingredient is one of the few reasons. Apart from calcium carbonate, a-LACYS RESET, Nopal, and caffeine, every one-tablet dose of this supplement also composes of caffeine anhydrous, chromium picolinate, l-carnitine tartrate, chromium picolinate, capsicum extract, piperine extract, and niacin powder. It is also equipped with minerals, fibers, and other vitamins, enabling you to enjoy immediate results.

  • Vegetarian-Friendly

Losing weight is not instant. It is a long process. While it is possible to find supplements that ensure quick results, the active ingredients can put your life at risk. With PhenQ, you can be sure it is made of the best, the finest, and the highest quality components. This makes the supplement vegetarian-friendly.

  • Competitively Priced

Losing weight or having a flat belly is expensive. But it has been cheaper with PhenQ. It can help you be physically fit while you’re saving some cash in the long run. It is proven tested and competitively priced.

PhenQ Best Price


Other Benefits PhenQ Can Offer

  • It is a unique weight loss supplement developed to offer patients with better results than others.
  • It burns stored fat as fast as possible.
  • Although you eat less, you would feel full. Thanks to its appetite-suppressing effects.
  • It can block new fat production in the user’s body.
  • It increases your energy levels while improving your mental state.
  • The formula is not only manufactured in America, but also in Britain.
  • Only formulated in GMP and FDA approved facilities.
  • The formula is easy to use. There’s no additional pill to take. Any complicated procedure is not advisable.
  • Aside from a 60-day money-back guarantee, this supplement is available with free shipping. This enables you to get bigger savings than you have ever thought.


PhenQ Reviews: Some Drawbacks

phenq supplement bottle reviews

It is only available from the official website of Wolfson Berg Limited. While it can be a problem for some, buying from the site of Wolfson Berg Limited helps you avail possible discounts and other incredible services.

Some customers find PhenQ a bit costly. But its natural and active ingredients make it a worthwhile and meaningful investment for everyone. Yes, it might be expensive. Its components, however, ensure quality and immediate results you can enjoy.

Apart from the cost, other people might suffer from an allergy to Chromium Picolinate. That’s why you have to consult an experienced medical professional for your peace of mind. If you don’t show some signs of allergy, this supplement will be your best bet.

Another drawback of PhenQ is that it is not easily accessible. You cannot find it in online pharmacies or supermarket shelves. In my case, I order it from its official website. You can do the same thing. You just have to be patient.


Possible Side Effects of PhenQ

Similar to other fat burning supplements in the market, PhenQ has some side effects. These commonly include an upset stomach, headaches, nausea, and restlessness. If you’re suffering from nausea or headache, don’t feel afraid. But if it is recurring, contact a certified and licensed medical professional right away.


When to Take PhenQ?

This is among the frequent questions people ask. I also had the same thought when I was planning to use the supplement. Based on the instructions manual, PhenQ is best to take during breakfast to be more focused and energetic throughout the day.

Whether you are sensitive to the formula or you take weight loss supplements for the first time, take PhenQ with food. Ask your doctor for some practical tips and pieces of advice.


Who Is This For?

It’s true that the fat burning supplement is not too strong, according to my doctor. But if you have been diagnosed with a heart-related condition and other serious diseases, PhenQ might not be a perfect choice. Also, it is vital to talk to a doctor before making a decision.

Now, who can benefit from this fat burning supplement the most? Read on for further details!

Performance Athletes and Bodybuilders

Let’s say you are a bodybuilder or a performance athlete. What’s your main goal when using a supplement? Of course, you just don’t want to shred weight. Probably, you also want to lose fat. If yes, PhenQ might be the right option you should consider. Then, it’s ideal to vary your training session to speed up your progress.

People with SMART Fitness Goals

Taking PhenQ alone won’t help. It is imperative to have SMART fitness objectives. Once you have established some goals, stick to it. Eat a well-balanced diet, and incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet. Hit the gym regularly. Then, use PhenQ.


How to Get the Best Results With PhenQ?

You can’t really find a magic pill that will help you achieve a beach-ready or ripped body. While there are supplements for weight loss, a healthy lifestyle should not be ignored. In this section, you will learn some tips and tricks to ensure fitness success. Take a close look at the following:

Modify your Diet

Who doesn’t want to eat burgers, french fries, and other salty foods? I think most of us love that. But when you’re trying to lose a pound, an unhealthy diet would just make things difficult.

What kind of diet that best matches your needs? Instead of doing some research online, it’s ideal for working with a dietitian and other certified medical professionals.

Exercise on a Daily Basis

Do you need to hit the gym for an hour every day? Well, it is not necessary. A few minutes of walk is more than enough. You can also perform a HIIT workout and other types of exercise first thing in the morning. This allows you to take your metabolism to a normal level.

While a dietitian can help you create the best diet, a fitness instructor might develop a workout routine according to your unique requirements.

Although it requires additional cost, the services would help you all throughout the process.

Create a Detailed Journal

How to track your fitness progress? Keeping a detailed journal can come into play. While some use applications, you can use a simple and customized journal to avoid other unnecessary expenses.


Frequently Asked Questions About PhenQ

How much does PhenQ cost?

A monthly supply of PhenQ is relatively affordable and fair. Every bottle costs around $70 with free shipping.

How about 2 bottles of PhenQ? It is only available at $140. That’s not all! You can avail of another bottle for free.

If you order 3 bottles, they only cost $190 with two bottles for free.

Is it safe?

PhenQ is safe as long as you don’t exceed the recommended dosage. Although getting a prescription is not necessary, make sure to consult your physician to avoid any serious complications.

Is it FDA-Approved?

Wolfson Berg Limited manufactures PhenQ in an FDA-approved and state-of-the-art facility. The company continues to provide one of the safest and the highest quality of products for its valued customers.

How long does it take to see quality results?

Some users experience good results within a few several weeks. Others start to lose weight after a month or two. But it depends, and a good regimen is critical.

How to use PhenQ?

Experts recommend 2 pills every day, each during the morning and another during lunch. Don’t take it at night as it might affect your sleeping patterns due to its caffeine content.


PhenQ Review: Final Verdict


Are you dreaming of losing weight but don’t really know how to get started? PhenQ is among the top fat burning pills youshould take advantage of today. It is competitively priced, naturally formulated, and experts-recommended. Feel free to visit the official website of PhenQ today for more information!

Ana S. Vargas