How To Plump Lips Permanently And Naturally Overnight (2023)

plump lips overnight permanently

Everywhere you look, women (and men) are trying to get bigger and fuller lips. It really isn’t much of a surprise – lips have been one of the most attractive and coveted features that we as humans appreciate for hundreds of years. As a result of all that evolution, full lips have become almost as highly desired as larger breasts or buttocks, and people everywhere are doing all they can to accentuate these features. Some only play around with makeup and lipstick while others go as far as having lip fillers or surgery. There’s nothing wrong with either of these methods – it’s just that most of the time they are inconvenient and are almost never the best option available.


How To Plump Lips Permanently And Naturally Overnight

If you’re truly looking to have this effect without using surgery and only through a natural way, then the best way to go about doing it is to use Idol Lips. This is an all-natural product that surprisingly works exactly as advertised. Our testers noticed immediate results (the next morning) and the results were stunning. Truly bigger and more plump lips from a natural product! How shocking. As of this content being written, it’s been two weeks and the results have remained. Their lips’ have retained about 90% of the original fullness that they first saw that morning. If this product works in the longterm, it could be a remarkable step in the beauty industry as it makes surgery completely unnecessary and redundant.

UPDATE: We decided to wait another 6 weeks to see if the results held up and whether or not we can truly claim that this product gives you fuller lips permanently. So far, everything has remained the same and there doesn’t seem to have been any regression at all. We should note though that this product only works with the genetics you already have – meaning it makes your lips as big as your body chemistry will allow them to be. You cannot make them abnormally large like you might see in some failed surgeries.

fuller lips naturally

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What Makes It Effective?

It’s difficult to know exactly how and why it is so effective since the product is so new to the market. Again, this is pretty much a breakthrough product as there has been no natural product that gets results like these until now. There have been many that claim to do it, but it’s hard to believe that any of them were able to live up to those claims. That’s why we were initially quite skeptical before trying this product, but decided to give it a go anyways due to it being strongly recommended by a reputable source. As far as we know, there is no other way of even inducing such results without surgery.


Other Popular Methods Of Plumping Lips At Home

As you’re probably already well aware of, there are lots of other myths circulating the internet on how one can make their lips bigger naturally and from the comfort of their own home. Some of these techniques are inherently quite ridiculous while others sound more reasonable. Is there any merit to these techniques we read about online? Can you actually make your lips visibly bigger with some strange honey and rosemary combination? In the vast majority of cases, the answer will be no and most of the techniques you’ll read about online have absolutely no validity behind them. They are not viable techniques, at least for most people.

1. Exfoliate Lips

Using a toothbrush or other soft item, it is recommended that those who want bigger lips spend a few minutes each day to exfoliate their lips. If you’re aware of how exfoliating works, then you’ll understand why doing it might help in making your lips more full. Remember that this may work more effectively for some while not working at all for others.

2. Drink Enough Water

It seems that this is something we recommend in every guide, but I guess that is just a testament to how important water is. When you don’t drink enough of it, your skin (and lips) will often become dry and shrivelled. For this reason, you should be very aware of how much water you’re drinking each day and to always remind yourself to drink more.

3. Do ‘Lip’ Exercises

There isn’t much science to back this (if any at all), but some have claimed that doing certain lip exercises consistently over the course of a few weeks can result in noticeable improvements. Our testers haven’t seen anything progress as a result of this, but to be fair they did not stick with it as long they probably should have.

4. Use Makeup

The vast majority of women who want bigger lips do not focus on using lip plumpers, surgery, or any other home remedy. They will often resort to using makeup in their favor to have their lips appear more large and for many women, it is extremely effective. Never underestimate the power of makeup and what it can do for you.


Bottom Line: Making Lips Plump Naturally And Permanently is Easy

Because it is still a relatively new product, people are still not on the Idol Lip bandwagon. Most do not know of it, but you can expect for the brand to grow exponentially very soon because of how valuable this product is. As far as making lips more full naturally at home, you’re very limited. Some have even engaged in potentially dangerous behavior such as using a cup as a suction device for multiple hours to draw blood into the area and starve the area of oxygen. Yes, you can get bigger lips doing this but the results are nowhere near permanent and the action itself is quite dangerous. As far as making lips noticeably bigger goes, the best options are as follows: use a lip plumper, get surgery, or use makeup to your advantage.

Ana S. Vargas