How To Reduce Inflammation In The Body Fast (2023 Update)

reduce body inflammation quickly

Over time, body inflammation has become one of the biggest health concerns of the 21st century. It is not only a hassle to deal with, but it can also present one with an array of health concerns. Inflammation is often associated with things like obesity, heart disease, and other health concerns such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, or celiac disease. It is often unknown by most, but inflammation is your body’s first line of defense against toxins, infections and injuries, and is not inherently bad on its own. Problems can and often do arise when this inflammation is present in the body for long stretches of time, which is not an ideal point to reach for most people.

It is an unfortunate fact that individuals often wait far too long to have their inflammation reversed and/or treated, and this results in many sufferers looking for quick solutions. Though solutions to this epidemic do exist and are effective, not everyone is lucky enough to catch onto them early enough, and by that point the body inflammation reaches a point too far down the rabbit hole to reverse.


How To Reduce Body Inflammation Fast – Most Powerful Natural Anti-Inflammatory

advanced turmeric

The fastest and easiest way to reduce inflammation in the body effectively is to use the most potent and powerful anti-inflammatory. To avoid aggravating the problem even further and to make sure it does not reoccur anytime soon, it is recommended to use the best natural anti-inflammatory, which is undoubtedly turmeric extract, also known as curcumin. The product which works most effectively at reducing this inflammation quickly is Advanced Turmeric formula. This is because Advanced Turmeric has the highest percentage of true turmeric extract making it the most potent anti-inflammatory product on the market, making it the most effective at battling body inflammation fast. To truly reduce body inflammation fast, we recommend using Advanced Turmeric. Alternatively, click here to read more about how and why this extract is so effective at totally eliminating inflammation from the body.

Advanced Turmeric


Other Benefits

Advanced Turmeric not only aids in the relief of inflammation, but also brings a plethora of other things to the table. It supports joint and bone health, enhances cognitive function, boosts immune response, and also promotes body detoxification. All of these factors make this the best overall turmeric extract supplement, and the best solution for reducing inflammation in the body fast. Using turmeric extract, anyone can completely eliminate body inflammation in less than 2 weeks, and you can’t get much faster than that using traditional methods. Prescription drugs can obviously work much faster, but these often do more harm than good and are generally not long-term solutions. This is the best natural anti-inflammatory because it provides users with long-term results.

Turmeric extract is also great at maintaining health all around, and has numerous benefits. Using it consistently has shown tremendous results, and it is one of the few cases when a natural product actually provides users with results and is not just a myth, as it is backed by science.


Different Ways To Reduce Inflammation In The Body (Relatively) Quickly

Obviously, using turmeric extract is not the only way to go about reducing body inflammation. Is it one of the most efficient and quickest ways to go about doing it? Studies show that yes, it is up there. However, if you are willing to go via the longer route, you can also achieve a noticeable reduction in body inflammation from doing a few other things. Eliminating causing factors of inflammation is one of the best ways to go about doing it quickly.


1. Cut Back On Food That Causes Inflammation

This is a colossal factor that is often regurgitated, but remains one of the most important things you can do. It won’t work for everyone as it pertains to completely eliminating inflammation, but if you are facing body inflammation, only good can come out of cutting down on foods that cause it to flare up. Those who benefit the most from this step are individuals whose inflammation is mainly caused by diet, which is a pretty big chunk of people. Completely cutting down on these foods can do remarkable things for your body. Some of the common foods to avoid are:

  • Sugar/High-fructose corn syrup
  • Vegetable and seed oil
  • Refined carbs
  • Alcohol
  • Processed meats
  • Dairy products

From reading this list, you might think that avoiding these foods is impossible. It is true that most of our food includes these elements (or is accompanied by these elements), so completely stopping the use of them is evidently not an easy task to accomplish. For people who cannot give up these foods, Advanced Turmeric can help in reducing inflammation regardless of diet. It is very difficult to combat inflammation if one is unwilling to change their diet and also unwilling to use the best natural supplements for fighting it.

According to Harvard, these are some of the best foods to eat for anti-inflammatory purposes, as they actually serve a purpose in reducing inflammation itself. These foods are:

  • Tomatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Fatty Fish
  • Certain fruits (strawberries, cherries, oranges)


2. Use Hot & Cold Therapy

It is something that is not stressed often, but it should be. Hot and cold therapy not only helps significantly in the reduction of body inflammation, but it also helps to relieve joint and muscle pain as well. It is no coincidence that professional athletes all over the world use this method after their intensive workouts – this technique really works. Alternate between hot and cold in the areas affected and notice immediate relief.

Hot and cold therapy works to provide you with relief in the moment, but is definitely not to be considered a long-term solution. Unfortunately, it only works to change your body chemistry for a short period of time after practicing the technique, and your inflammation may very well reoccur in a matter of hours or days.


3. Exercise/Daily Movement

Something that we’ve noticed as we become more knowledgeable about the human body is that you have to keep things moving. This applies to just about every organ system including the bowels, urinary tract, sweat glands, circulatory system, lymphatics, and even your muscles. Keeping these systems flowing is what keeps them healthy.

When we become stagnant in any of these areas problems arise and we often get tons of inflammation. Daily exercise is great for pumping the lymph fluid and boosting circulation. Delivering fresh blood to your tissues is an important strategy for lowering inflammation as it helps to flush away metabolic debris and provide nutrients to inflamed tissues. For effectively combatting inflammation in a short period of time, try to incorporate a little bit of exercise into your life, if you aren’t already.


4. Get More Sleep

non habit forming

Sleep is a big part of our lives, but it needs to be even bigger for most of us. It is a fact that over 30% of Americans are affected by insomnia in one way or another, and the average person around the world gets less than 7 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is instrumental in maintaining a healthy body and promoting positive blood-flow. Without enough of it, we are often left inflamed and less productive. Very little good can come out of not getting enough sleep, and the benefits are only short-term. To effectively combat inflammation in the body quickly, one must make sure that they are getting a sufficient amount of sleep to stay healthy.


Importance Of Quickly Reducing Body Inflammation

It is not said often enough, but it is quite important that inflammation in the body is reduced as quickly as possible, given the fact that inflammation can turn into a series of nasty health issues if left untreated. It is not only a sign of an underlying condition, but it can actually do a magnificent amount of harm to your body when it is present for too long in your body. Inflammation is linked to cancer, heart disease, obesity, and so many other things which you would likely want to avoid like the plague. It may not hurt you today, tomorrow, or even next year, but it is almost a fact that inflammation will transpire into something much more harmful (and potentially lethal) if not treated early on.


Reducing Inflammation Fast Using Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Tools: Bottom Line

We’ve mentioned quite a bit how critical it is that one treats their inflammation as quickly as possible, and that there are quite a few methods one can go about reducing their body inflammation significantly. The best way to quickly attack the problem head-on is to figure out what the cause of your inflammation is in the first place. Are you battling an infection or auto-immune disorder? Has your diet been considerably poor since you noticed the inflammation? These are all things you must ask yourself in order to truly reach the core problem which is causing the body inflammation in the first place.

Once you are able to pin-point what is the main cause of the problem, you will be able to know what the next steps are in stopping it. It is also quite important that individuals facing inflammation talk to their doctor about the situation to get a better understanding at the problem at hand and to potentially have a blood test.



Ana S. Vargas