At Beauty Intensified, we are often recommended dozens of products each week to review. Although we do not have the time or means to get to each and every single product, we do our best to get to the products that are most heavily requested by our readers. These are the top picks of the last few weeks:


Leptitox Review: Does It Actually Work? (2023 Update)

If you have been keeping up in the world of weight loss and fitness, you’ve surely heard of a new product on the market that is called ‘Leptitox’. While the video resonates with many of us and there have been some testimonials sprinkled here and there, many of our readers emailed us asking if this […]


GenBrain Review – Does It Work As Advertised?

Even if you are so motivated or engaged with your current job, and you keep everything on track, your brain can crave some foods. You might get stuck in the situation where your passion can no longer fuel your mind. As humans, we cannot neglect the fact that we all have limited cognitive function. If […]


Floraspring Review: Does Floraspring Really Help With Weight Loss?

Floraspring is a name that has popped up all over the place in the world of weight loss and everywhere you look people are raving about it. You may have heard about it on a different blog, or perhaps as an advertisement. It is a relatively new ‘supplement’ that has been released to the public […]


Bluechew Review – Is It Legit? (Promo Code, Discounts available)

In the world of erectile dysfunction medication, there is a lot of confusion about which product works the best, how, and why. There is also the difficulty in getting your hands on them, as it generally requires a visit to the doctor and a prescription, unless you get the dangerous stuff that can often be […]


Prime Male Review – Best Testosterone Booster On The Market? (2023 Update)

  Prime Male is one of the fastest growing brands  in the world of testosterone boosters, but we’ve seen plenty of products come and go in the past and have become pretty numb to ‘hype’. You might’ve seen this product advertised on numerous blogs or YouTube channels claiming it to be one of the best […]


Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Review – Is It Worth Buying In 2022? (Update)

We’ve previously recommended Revitol as a fantastic option for stretch mark prevention and removal, and for good reason. It works, and it works more effectively than arguably any other product of its kind on the market, at least to date. Because of its high level of effectiveness and ease of use, it is often touted […]


InstaHard Review – Does InstaHard Work Or Is It A Scam? (My Experience With InstaHard)

Men have been facing issues pertaining achieving and maintaining erections for hundreds of years, and will likely continue facing these issues for hundreds of years into the future. For whatever reason, this is a part of our bodies that has failed to evolve with us. Even though a new product seems to pop up daily […]


Hair Revital X Review – Best Hair Regrowth Product On The Market?

Hair loss is one of the biggest aesthetic problems facing both men and women as they age. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just a select few old men who suffer from some degree of hair loss; according to HuffPost and the American Hair Loss Association, by 35, two-thirds of men experience some degree of hair […]


Real Male Extra Review – What Makes It Any Different?

I’m not sure if there are many other people out there that have reviewed more products geared towards men than me, and male extra is just another one added to the list. I’ve tried pretty much all of the big names you can think of to let my readers know if they’re B.S. or the […]


South Beach Skin Lab Review – Does It Honestly Work?

It is not exaggerating to say that finding the anti-aging skin care product is harder nowadays. It is because there are a lot of self-proclaimed products which promise you to attain the best result but they won’t disclose the side effects or other catches. When it comes to anti-aging skin care products, you won’t regret […]



Brilliance SF Skincare Cream Review (2023)

  In this article, we will be reviewing the Brilliance SF skin cream. I will be splitting this article into 5 topics. First, I will introduce you to the anti-aging cream from Brilliance SF, and then I will give my honest review of this product. I will also give you an overview of the product […]


Magnum XT Review (2023 Updated)

  Are you sexually active yet getting a problem with achieving an erection, or are unhappy with the size of your member? Since sex is one of the strongest human desires, no doubt that a lot of men and women engage in this practice. It is also a form of expressing your sincerest feelings and […]


PhenGold Review – Best In The Game For Weight Loss?

  All of us want to accelerate our weight loss using the right supplement. So, if you are one of these people, I will be giving you a comprehensive review of one of the most popular weight loss supplements today; PhenGold. Various kinds of weight loss supplements flood the market today, offline or online. This […]


Derma Correct Review – Is It A Legitimate Product?

  The most natural components utilized to prepare and formulate this serum provide us relief without harmful effects. You can achieve a flawless, smooth, and radiant skin with regular use. While there still some hesitations and doubts, if you were going to ask me, Derma Correct is a must-try product. For further information about the […]


Blood Balance Formula Review – Is It Worth Using in 2022?

  Diabetes is an illness that affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It is one of the most common yet least predictable diseases known to mankind, and although we can slow it down in some cases – many people have given up hope. Despite all that, many of us haven’t given up, and continue […]


BriteBelle Review – Is It A Good Skincare Product?

  Britebelle is one of the newest and fastest-growing brands in the skincare industry, and it caught our eye when many of our readers asked for a review. Although it wasn’t a brand we were familiar with or had any experience with, we decided to give it a shot since they were offering a generous […]


Skincell Advanced Review – Does Skincell Advanced Really Remove Skintags & Moles?

  Most of us dream of having clear skin. Koreans are one example of people who have plumper and younger-looking skin. With that in mind, most of us tend to use different products with the hope that it can treat our skin problems, such as acne, moles, warts, and a lot more. Unfortunately, most of […]


CarboFix Review – Does It Help With Weight Loss? (2023 Updated)

  Have you thought about why many people out there are able to eat anything they want yet still manage to have a lean body? A fast metabolism is a reason behind this. The food we consume should be changed into energy used for daily activities and not as fat. Sad to say, the natural […]


PhenQ Review – Does It Work?

  More and more people are struggling to lose weight each year, despite studies showing us that humans are (on average) eating healthier than our ancestors. Even when limiting our carb intake and exercising regularly – many of us find that shedding the extra pounds can not only be tedious, but it can be downright […]


TestoPrime Review: Does TestoPrime Actually Work? (Pricing & Info)

  TestoPrime is a new product to the market. It’s already well known that products aimed at boosting testosterone in men are not a new thing at all, however there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the legitimacy of many products, and fairly so. As it turns out, many were just regular supplements that […]

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