Should You Remove Skin Moles?

It’s safe to say that everybody has moles on their skin. Some have 10 while others have over 100 covering their body, varying in size, shape, and depth. For the vast majority of us, moles are not much of a problem and we go about our days without ever paying them any attention. However, there are people who for whatever reason want to have moles removed from their skin. Sometimes the mole is located on a place that is deemed as unattractive (such as the face), sometimes the mole is too big or has a strange shape, and sometimes skin moles can be slightly elevated in the same way as a skin tag and cause discomfort. There are a ton of reasons why one might have the desire to remove these moles.


Making A Decision Regarding Mole Removal

To make a decision about whether or not removing the mole is something necessary or desired by you, one must consider the motives behind that desire. If it’s just a small problem that you don’t think about very often, then having the mole removed probably isn’t worth the time and you should continue living with it. In instances where the mole may cause you physical discomfort or hurt your self-esteem, obviously removal should be taken into consideration. Be careful though as sometimes we think too much about certain problems – perhaps the mole may seem to be a problem at this moment but that could potentially change in the future.


Who Shouldn’t Remove Their Moles

Certain people should not have their moles removed at all. These people are individuals who are only marginally concerned about their appearance and have moles that do not pose very large problems. For example, if you have a mole on the backside of your thigh, chances are that the mole will only be visible for less than 1% of your life. Most of the time, you won’t even know it exists unless you look behind yourself in a mirror. If this sounds like you, then having the mole removed probably shouldn’t be on your list of priorities. Perhaps you have a mole on your back or arm (as many people do) and you are curious of what the area would like if it were free of any moles. In such instances, you should also reconsider (or think more deeply) about having your moles removed.


Bottom Line: Should You Remove Moles?

Ultimately, this will be a decision you and only you can make for yourself. Chances are that if you’re reading this, your mole(s) are a problem for you and having them removed would provide you some sort of relief. There’s also another factor to take into consideration which is the potential harm of not having a cancerous mole removed. As we all know, there are benign and cancerous moles. Most moles present on our bodies are completely harmless, however in rare cases these moles may be cancerous. In these instances, having the mole removed as early as possible is the best course of action. However, only a doctor/dermatologist/professional can advice you on whether or not the mole presents itself as a risk to your wellbeing.

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