Why Remove Stretch Marks?

If you’ve read our guide of the best stretch mark prevention during pregnancy or our review of Revitol, you’ll find that we often stress the importance of stretch mark removal. With this often being repeated, there’s no surprise that a crowd of people are wondering why exactly stretch mark removal is so important? After all, it’s just a harmless cosmetic concern, and there’s clearly no direct correlation to anything above the physical appearance. The unfortunate truth however is that there are (potential) repercussions to not having stretch marks removed, and they have nothing to do with your physical self; it has all to do with your confidence and self esteem.


1. Stretch Marks Can Ruin Your Self Esteem

This is the biggest problem presented by stretch marks. Inherently, stretch marks themselves don’t generally make people look at you in any different way. However, most people who have stretch marks see themselves in a different, often worse light. This is a problem because confidence in yourself is one of the most important things you can have in life, and feeling self-conscious about your appearance is not ideal for becoming or staying confident.

A lack of confidence can have a colossal impact on many areas of your life. If mishandled, it can even lead to the deterioration and destruction of your social life, love life, and even career. Obviously, self esteem issues need to be stopped in their tracks before they develop into something more serious.


2. Can Worsen Dating Prospects

Unfortunately, it’s just a fact of life that humans are often shallow or judgemental, whether we like to admit it or not. This is sadly true for the majority of humans, but obviously it varies by degree. Having a very severe case of stretch marks is unfortunately going to be a platform for judgement not only from your perspective, but from others’ as well. Getting rid of stretch marks in instances like this proves to be well worth the trouble.

Obviously there is something to be said about the type of person who will judge you for this sort of thing, and whether you want to surround yourself with these type of people in the first place. However, it’s a big misconception to think that everybody is so loving and trustful; the majority of people are judgemental, just at different degrees.


3. It’s Easy & Affordable

In the old days, you might opt to just keep your stretch marks because the only options to have them removed are ridiculously expensive, such as having surgery done on you. Now however, surgery is not something that needs to be done. Stretch marks can be removed easily, painlessly, and very cheaply too. Using Revitol cream, tens of thousands of men and women worldwide have been able to get rid of their stretch marks, and something so effective really leaves you with no reason not to have them removed.


Bottom Line

Realistically, the only reason one might keep their stretch marks in 2019 and beyond is because they are fond of them or are perhaps trying to make a statement. The reality is that these marks are so easy to get rid of that it doesn’t make sense to do anything other than have them removed.

Ana S. Vargas

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