Spider Veins: What You Need To Know

Spider veins (commonly referred to as varicose veins) is a condition in which the veins right underneath the skin are enlarged and/or become swollen making them very visible to the naked eye. It is typically caused by a great amount of pressure and while these swollen veins are generally found on the legs, they can be found on other areas as well. Common causes of this immense pressure are pregnancy, obesity, and even other forms of increased pressure on the legs such as weightlifting. It’s a condition that more and more people are having to deal with as our rates of obesity rise in Western Society, yet most people still aren’t aware of any go-to solutions for getting rid of these spider veins quickly.


What is wrong with having Spider Veins?

Inherently, there is nothing that is truly wrong with having varicose veins and most people who live with them will tell you that nothing has changed in their day-to-day lives. In the vast majority of cases, they are completely harmless and do not pose as a serious health risk and most people who want to get rid of them are doing so from a strictly aesthetic point of view. However, it’s important to mention that while the chances are low, there is still a risk for having ulcers form or even blood clots. So while they are generally safe to live with, they are not as harmless as any other skin condition that is purely aesthetic.


Removal Of Spider Veins

When it comes to having these veins “removed” (you’re not actually removing them – rather you would be shrinking them to their original size), sadly there is not much we can do on our own via home remedies. However, there is a product which we’ve found great success when using in order to have varicose veins removed from some of our testers. Click here to read more about it. Outside of using a proven cream to heal the area and restore your veins to their original size, the only realistic option to remove spider veins quickly is to do so with the help of surgery. Surgical procedures work well at having this condition reversed, however it is not at all uncommon for those who go through with it to experience scarring of some sort. For many individuals, scars are even worse to deal with than the veins themselves and in instances such as these, it is likely better to not go through with surgery at all and explore other options.


Should You Remove Your Spider Veins?

Chances are that if you’re already doing research on how to get rid of them, you’ve likely already made up your mind and this question doesn’t need to be asked. However, some people are only curious in finding out how varicose vein removal actually works and how it can impact your life. The truth is that nobody really needs to have the veins removed, but if it seems to interfere with your life and/or confidence in any way, you may want to consider biting the bullet and just figuring out a way to have them removed. If it’s just something you’re curious about at the moment and it’s not affecting your life negatively, you may want to think about it some more before making a final decision.


Bottom Line: Spider Veins Are Not A Huge Concern

A great comparison to spider veins would be skin moles. Just like with these veins, moles are harmless in over 95% of cases and they can only be a negative from an aesthetic point of view. Some people still have their moles removed just because they don’t like how they look on themselves. This is the same with varicose veins – the only difference being that almost everybody has moles while varicose veins are still relatively rare in terms of the entire population. It’s important that those who have this condition keep in mind that it is a totally normal thing to deal with and they should typically only look to have them removed in instances where the veins hurt their confidence.

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