Should I Start Taking Testosterone Boosters?

In our article detailing the best testosterone boosters to buy this year, we briefly touched on the topic of why testosterone boosters are being used so often and how they can benefit us. In our 20’s and even throughout our 30’s these levels of testosterone are at what we would consider ‘normal’ levels for most guys. However, the recent trend has shown that levels of T are dropping more and more each year across Western Society. Whether this is due to diet, the environment, obesity rates, or other factors remains to be seen. What we do know for a fact though is that the levels are dropping rapidly and it is resulting in many men being significantly less satisfied with the quality of their lives’.


How Do I Know If I Should Start Taking Boosters?

The best and fastest way to easily determine whether or not you should be looking into increasing your testosterone levels is to analyze your life to figure out if you are likely to have lower than average levels of testosterone. The signs of low testosterone are: tiredness, lack of focus and energy, inability to gain or maintain muscle, inability to gain or maintain an erection, insomnia, depression, general mood swings and irritability, and many others. If you are simultaneously experiencing multiple of these symptoms in your day-to-day life, it is quite probable that you’re dealing with low testosterone. If this is the case, you should strongly consider looking into boosters or other ways of increasing testosterone.


Should Every 40+ Year Old Be Taking Testosterone?

Not every single 40 or 50 year old guy has naturally low levels of testosterone, however the majority do. Obviously, there is no absolute need to take boosters and nobody is going to lose their life over not having enough testosterone. But if you’re looking to improve the quality of your life and you feel in any way that you do not already have high levels of T, then there is nothing to be lost in trying it. So we can say that not every single older guy should necessarily be boosting their testosterone, but a good chunk of them should certainly consider doing it.


When You Don’t Need Testosterone

One common misconception about the hormone is that more is always better. This is actually false, and increasing your levels of the hormone when you already have high or sufficient amounts will result in you getting diminishing returns. Having your testosterone increased despite the fact that you already have enough can result in shrinking of the testicles, balding, acne, and in the end you do not gain any more benefits. For this reason, it is wise to know what your levels are already at and to not go overboard.

If you are already living a fulfilled life and don’t feel the need to improve it in this area, then testosterone is not recommended. It only works as a ‘magic pill’ when you are severely lacking it. Otherwise, most men won’t even notice any (positive) difference and in fact will be burdened with many negative ones.


Bottom Line

If you’re reading this in the first place, chances are that a little bit of extra testosterone would not hurt you. In the vast majority of cases, people who have sufficient amounts of the hormone do not wonder about it, though there are exceptions. Most who wonder are those who are noticing some sort of downward trend in their lifestyle or are coming to the realization that everything feels slightly off throughout old age. We recommend getting your levels checked by a professional and moving forward from there if you notice any abnormalities.

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