Best Permanent Hair Removal Cream For Face & Body

Hair removal has traditionally been a quite annoying and tedious experience for hundreds of years. In the past, it was something that was only done by a small percentage of people in the world as body hair was quite typical during those times. However, such is no longer the case as both men and women of all ages and backgrounds are removing body and facial hair at staggering rates, and these rates are only increasing. The most common ways to remove hair on the body is through shaving, waxing, and through laser hair removal. Each of these techniques presents a set of new problems which can almost be as annoying as the hair itself and this leaves people looking for alternative solutions such as creams.


The Best Permanent Hair Removal Cream In 2022 (Face And Body)

We were fortunate enough to test over 220 hair removal creams over the past few months through dozens of testers to get a better feel of which products actually work and which don’t. The results were absolutely shocking – a great deal of products that were said to work effectively turned out to be highly ineffective; their alleged success stories were likely the result of great marketing techniques. Of all the products we got our hands on, we can only realistically say that two of them were brilliant. That’s right – less than 1% of products on the market are actually capable of bringing substantial results, despite what is commonly portrayed through the media.

1. Dermology Hair Removal Cream

The best and most potent cream we were able to use was Dermology’s Hair Removal Cream. This powerful formula works anywhere on the body including the face, upper lips, and eyebrows. There probably isn’t a better way to go about hair removal in such a painless and easy fashion (at least not yet). It works quickly and doesn’t require much use – in fact one single application is more than enough for most people who report success with this product. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to efficiency and actually getting tangible results, there is no better hair removal cream on the market than this.

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2. Hair Removal Cream By Revitol

The second most potent and effective cream was Revitol’s Hair Removal Cream. Though it brought about nearly the same results across the board, the only significant difference was the application frequency. For some of our testers, one single application was enough to have the hair gone for a great amount of time. However, for some of our other testers additional applications were necessary. These were generally people with much thicker and denser hair than your average person, so in the end we can kind of get an understanding as to why hair loss was a little bit more difficult to achieve for these individuals. It’s still a fantastic product in the right hands.

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Are Results Typical?

For many other products on the market, results are often not typical. Furthermore, a lot of the time you’ll hear these companies making outlandish claims while not being able to back them up. In our experience though, results are very much so typical through the use of Revitol’s or Dermology’s cream. Through our many testers, all were able to achieve some sort of tangible results (to an extent) with most being able to completely have hair removed in a matter of days and through one single application. As we discussed earlier there are exceptions to this and certain people do not have the right genetics to work properly with the formulas (these cases are very rare). The average individual should have no issues whatsoever in completely removing body and/or facial hair with the use of these products.


The Magic Of Hair Removal Creams

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Though the most popular hair removal creams in the industry are gaining some traction, they are still relatively unknown and not frequently used by the average person. Most people will tell you that when it comes to body hair such as on on the armpits, legs, and arms, hair is almost exclusively removed through shaving or waxing. These methods obviously work and are being used by hundreds of millions of people, but they don’t come without their own sets of problems such as pain, skin irritation, and inconvenience that comes with the fact that results are often very temporary. Some people have the shave their underarms or legs are frequently as once or twice a week each week which can evidently become quite tiring and even expensive.

For this reason, more and more people around the world are getting their hands on hair removal creams that actually work. Think about it – if you could remove the pain aspect of hair removal while also getting longer-lasting results, wouldn’t you do it? If you could have all of your body hair removed without the prickly feeling of a post-shave or get your body hair removed as easily as with waxing but without the pain, wouldn’t you do it? Removing hair with the use of potent creams is the way of the future and don’t be surprised to see more and more people in all walks of life open up about how these creams are all they use. Using the right hair removal cream just screams convenience due to how quickly and easily it works while also taking away the negative things that come with shaving, waxing, or laser methods which are typically not very efficient and can be expensive.


Hair Removal Cream Negatives

Now while there are a plethora of benefits that you can expect to profit from by using the right hair removal creams, there are often some misconceptions about this technique and despite common belief, certain products do have negative characteristics and cons. For example, certain (cheap) creams you can find on the market will often have an odor after application. This odor does not always necessarily have to be an unpleasant one, but most people do not want to use their hair-removing product to substitute as their perfume or cologne. This isn’t the case with all of the hair removing products on the market and it certainly isn’t the case with the products we recommend, but it is out there and it is critical that buyers are aware.

Another potential negative effect of using these creams is temporary results. It is often noted on health and beauty blogs that the techniques which provide the shortest-lasting results are shaving and topical cream use, with waxing being a little bit more effective since the procedure involves pulling the hair at a deeper position. While it is true that a lot of creams do not provide lasting results, this is not a rule and many other serums or creams can actually provide very lasting results. A common misconception in the industry is that all creams only provide temporary results – this is simply not true.

Lastly, some creams have been noted to use harsh chemicals which can not only be harmful for your skin in the long run, but they can also cause some immediate physical pain shortly after application. However, it is important for us to make it apparent that while in the past this was quite common, it is relatively unheard of these days. Most hair removal products on the market do not cause any immediate physical pain (including the cheaper products), but the same can’t be said in regards to the chemical factor. Sadly, many brands are still using harsh and potentially harmful chemicals in their formulas which can be quite a big problem for a certain category of people.


Bottom Line: Hair Removal Creams That Work On The Body & Face

A decade ago, the products that a lot of use were unheard of and the methodology of removing body and facial hair with the topical application of creams was still a very new phenomenon. As a side effect of this new ‘technology’ came a plethora of problems which we described above (pain, irritation, chemicals). Thankfully though, these things are mostly a thing of the past and you’ll find that the vast majority of hair removal products on the market are quite safe. Now, being safe and being effective is an important distinction; when it comes to getting tangible, lasting results, there still aren’t that many truly effective creams out there. We recommend using the products by Dermology and Revitol because our findings show that at the moment, there really aren’t any other products which can do some of the same things even remotely. They are undoubtedly the best permanent hair removal creams on the market.

Ana S. Vargas