How To Make Your Buttocks Bigger Fast At Home In 2022

bigger butt at home fast

Having a bigger butt is something that almost all women (and even some men) will universally wish for at one point or another in their lives. It is a part of the body that has been admired for as long as humans have been around, but more recently has become even more popular through pop culture and social media. The thing that holds so many people back from having their dream butt is the fact that getting it is not always the easiest process.  The ‘easiest’ known process to achieving the perfect buttocks is through exercise and for the most part, everyone can agree that months on end of rigorous exercise is not exactly easy. Other alternatives include injections and just eating more food to gain fat rather than muscle. Both of these ideas are not ideal, and surgery can cost thousands of dollars.


Increasing Buttocks Size: Why You Should Not Amp Up Eating

The first thing many people think of is to just take in more calories to get a bigger butt in a few short days/weeks. Can you get a bigger butt doing this? Sure, but in the end you will have more fat all around which you probably don’t want. Depending on your genetics and how much fat we’re talking about, this could also result in stretch marks and cellulite. While this ‘technique’ may work for some women, for most it will backfire and should be avoided.


How To Make Your Buttocks Bigger Fast At Home In 2022

The best way to make your butt bigger at home fast is to use a potent formula which encourages fat storage and muscle growth. There are a ton of these formulas out there, however the only one we found to be extremely effective was Apex Booty. All of the other products our testers went through either provided marginal or no results at all. Because of this, we cannot recommend any of these mediocre products. Apex Booty was one that really caught our eye because we noticed massive gains and results within a span of a few weeks without much exercise at all.

Making your butt bigger at home and in a short period of time sounds like something that would be difficult to attain. For many years it was, and this explains the pessimism surrounding the topic. However, much has changed in the past few years and a lot has been learned regarding this very subject. Solutions to the problem are popping up daily, albeit with most of them not working very effectively.

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Why Apex Booty Gets Results

People who have never tried it before will often wonder or ask what makes this product different from the crowd. After all, the majority of products on the market do not produce measurable results so why would this be any different? We can’t really go into the science behind it all, but what we do know is that this formula has many potent ingredients that the competitors simply do not have. This has probably made production of the product much more costly than it would have been otherwise, but in the end we’re left with a much more high-quality product.


Alternatives To Getting A Bigger Booty At Home

With all that being said, there will naturally be a large crowd of people who are interesting in getting a bigger butt at home without using any product at all. These people will either find it very difficult to achieve results or will not achieve results at all unfortunately. However, if you’re really keen on doing this completely on your own, there are essentially two ways to do it (naturally, at least).


Working out is the most commonly practiced method of increasing buttock size. It should be noted that increasing your butt size through exercise at home without any equipment whatsoever is much more difficult than doing so in a gym with a squat rack and plenty of other equipment. Even with the increased difficulty, getting a bigger butt at home through body-weight exercises alone are possible. Squats, deadlifts, and unique exercises such as pistol squats can all be done at home on your own.

These exercises have shown to give people marginal results in getting a bigger butt and they probably work best for toning and shaping rather than just increasing the size. The amount of success you achieve will also depend on your current bottom; if you have a very small butt and there is a lot of room to improve, you’ll notice much stronger results than someone who already has a relatively large butt.

Increasing Calorie Intake

Eating more and getting a better body sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well for the most part, it is a dream. Just eating more food and gaining weight will likely help you to get a bigger bottom but it will also result in a higher body-fat percentage overall. Not many people would take a bigger butt if it meant they would be generally fat as well. After all, the appeal of having a bigger butt is to pair it with a somewhat slim body or physique – the hourglass shape is what most people identify as beautiful though this doesn’t apply to everyone.

The only instance when one might want to even consider this option is when an individual is already very skinny to begin with. If you are naturally a very petite person, then eating more to gain 10 – 20 lbs might not be the worst idea! For these people, the dream becomes a reality and eating cake, carbs, and sweets can actually help to get what you want. Be careful though; it is extremely easy to go overboard and end up on the overweight part of the equation. When done properly the method can work beautifully.


Is A Bigger Butt For Everyone?

The truth is that getting a bigger butt isn’t for everyone. It’s easy to fall under the impression that in order to be more beautiful or confident in yourself, you must have bigger buttocks. This is an unhealthy way to think of things and quite frankly, it’s false for a lot of women. Most women have a decent-sized butt by nature and we often criticize ourselves into thinking that we need to be better. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to want to be better-looking but there is a fine line between wanting to look better and being unhealthy. Make sure you have your priorities straight and are doing what is really best for you. If you’re trying to increase your butt to impress or satisfy someone else, consider thinking it over again.


Who Should Absolutely Look Into Increasing Buttocks Size

There are a few types of people that should really strongly consider doing whatever is necessary to get a bigger butt. If you are someone who has seriously had their confidence or self-esteem impacted due to feeling poorly about your body and it has affected you for a long time, then perhaps working towards achieving a larger butt can help you. If you’re someone that is severely underweight, having a larger bottom might also help you. It’s really knocking two birds with one stone – you’re not only getting a bigger butt but also gaining weight on the rest of your body to achieve a more ‘healthy’ physique.


Avoiding Surgery Like The Plague

If you are like most people, you’ve probably at least pondered the thought of having surgery at least once in your life. It seems like a match made in heaven; enhancing your body without any work and having permanent results. When you look more deeply into the situation however, we begin to see that getting surgery to increase booty size is not ideal at all. Not only is it extremely expensive in most countries, but the procedure itself can be quite obvious a lot of the time. You might not personally be one to care of such things, but having implants is something that is still quite taboo and it is even something that is looked down upon in some cultures.


Bottom Line: Making Your Buttocks Bigger Fast At Home

Getting a bigger buttocks at home without much work and in an easy fashion is something that most women could only describe as a dream. It really sounds like it should be a dream-scenario but the beauty of it is that it’s not. Using the right product and techniques, pretty much anybody can notice very real and sizeable results in the size of their booty. One thing we should mention that is quite important is that your genetics play a massive role in all of this.

Everybody has a cutoff point in terms of how large their body can get. This is true for the booty, for height, and for the size of your head. Your body’s code is determined by your genetics. For people who already have an extremely large booty, getting even a 5% increase in mass would prove to be a great challenge simply because of the fact that the genetics are likely going to be holding you back.

Ana S. Vargas