Leptitox Review: Does It Actually Work? (2023 Update)

leptitoxIf you have been keeping up in the world of weight loss and fitness, you’ve surely heard of a new product on the market that is called ‘Leptitox’. While the video resonates with many of us and there have been some testimonials sprinkled here and there, many of our readers emailed us asking if this is really a trustworthy product and to see if we have any input as to whether or not this supplement actually does anything.

We had heard about this “miracle supplement” in the past but if we decided to test out every single weight loss product out there, well – we’d be in the office all day and night. This one was a must-try considering all of our readers were bugging us about it, so we went ahead and got a few bottles.


Breaking Down Leptitox: The Truth About This Product

To make a long story short, Leptitox works when you work with it. Unlike many other supplements being sold online these days, there is actual scientific evidence that suggests the process which this particular product uses is surprisingly a very effective ‘technique’ (if you will) as it pertains to significant weight loss. Essentially, it works to keep your Leptin levels in check, which is commonly referred to as the single most important hormone that controls the fat levels of our body. On top of that, it also advertises itself as an appetite suppressant to help its users from caving into cravings and hunger throughout the day.

My experience with Leptitox is that it does just that: I wouldn’t get hungry until the afternoon (despite my last meal the previous day being around 6PM, which on its own is intermittent fasting) and I noticed that my rate of fat loss was at least 1.5X higher than when I was fasting regularly. Couple this with the fact that I was only hungry once or twice a day, and it was a recipe that was able to lose me 12 pounds in just under 2 weeks. If you ask me, I’d say that these are quite good results. The reason I’ve said that “leptitox works when you work with it”, is to insinuate that if you are going to go against the supplement (i.e. eating large amounts of food despite not being hungry), then you may not be able to achieve the results I got. However, I found that avoiding overeating was extremely easy when using Leptitox.

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Why Leptitox Works More Efficiently Than Other Supplements

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So now that we got out of the way that the product does indeed work, we wanted to figure out why it seems to work better than other products and to really dissect its contents. For the most part, we’ve already covered the big component that makes it work: it regulates levels of leptin to ensure that fat levels remain below a certain threshold. This is a big thing and somehow, the manufacturers of this product were able to achieve this formula with what seems to be an all-natural makeup, which has almost been unheard of. The appetite suppressing aspect of this product is also instrumental in making Leptitox what it is. Think about it – even someone like Michael Phelps or Tom Brady could eventually get fat by overeating to the extreme, even if their leptin levels are extremely good. So for that reason, it’s quite important that Leptitox is able to reduce hunger levels in all of its users.

Leptitox Ingredients:

  • Marian Thistle: This helps detoxify BPA compounds, which disrupts the functions of the endocrine system.
  • Jujube: It mainly detoxifies the endocrine-disrupter ZEA, which causes leptin-imbalance.
  • Brassicas: This is much like broccoli and is rich in cysteine. And cysteine is a vital nutrient that makes glutathione, a major antioxidant in the body.
  • Apium Graveolens Seeds: It detoxifies the endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC), DEHP, which is found in almost all plastic products.
  • Grape Seed: This removes the harmful EDC cadmium, which may be present in vegetables, nuts, or cereals.
  • Chanca Piedra: This is a plant that contains a bunch of antioxidants. It detoxifies EDCs, improves digestion and kidney functions, and supports healthy inflammation responses.
  • Alfalfa: This is known to provide healing benefits for the liver and replenish vitamins.
  • Taraxacum Leaves: It is rich in vitamin K, which protects and improves bone health, along with cleansing the liver.
  • Barberry: This plant is a generous source of berberine that prevents the accumulation of fat but maintains healthy cholesterol levels and brain functions.
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Leptitox Reviews: Can I Keep The Weight Off By Using Leptitox?

While in theory it should be easier to keep the weight off even after stopping Leptitox, the reality for most people is that the results they will keep (or potentially lose) are contingent on their lifestyle habits. What this means is that if an individual is able to lose a significant amount of body fat by using Leptitox, they should typically be able to keep the weight off, so long as they don’t go over to the other extreme. For the vast majority of people, this means that even a little bit of discipline will usually be enough to stay slim. There will always be a small portion of people, generally 5%-10% that revert back to their old physique. Even then, they could easily start using the supplement again to restart the journey; it would just be more of a hassle to do.

I actually stopped using Leptitox around the end of the third week as it was going a little bit too far. Remember, at the office we’re constantly having to test out new products so the weight that I had lost was more than enough for me. I didn’t want to get TOO skinny.


Origins of Leptitox

Sonya Rhodes and Morgan Hurst are the two great minds behind the invention of this highly effective weight-loss supplement formula. Their sole motto is to change the terrifying statistics of obesity forever!

Rhodes and Hurst developed the breakthrough solution, Leptitox, by addressing directly to the sole cause of weight gain, Leptin resistance.

Signals are not sent to your brain by your body once it becomes resistant to Leptin, which increases the hunger pangs and hence, the individual keeps on munching food all the time. Leptitox helps to break this resistance.

Leptitox has proven to be a lot more effective in achieving its goal as compared to the other counterpart supplements in the market. This is an all-round dietary supplement that makes an overall change in your diet system, thus producing favorable results.


Does Leptitox Have Any Side Effects?

Because the ingredients on the label are clearly all-natural, I had virtually zero negative side effects from using it. I did have some small “positive side effects” if you could call them that. Because I was eating less throughout the day, I naturally felt a lot lighter and had more energy. I would actually wake up before my alarm even rang which is something that typically doesn’t happen, especially when its dark out. Obviously, seeing the number on my weight scale shrink daily also contributed to me having a boost in my self-esteem and I would certainly say lifted my mood overall. I also think it would be fair to say that my skin cleared up a little bit, and while I wouldn’t credit Leptitox directly, I’m sure that it had something to do with me eating less overall (and taking in significantly less sugar). So while you could call all of these things positive side effects, they are relatively minuscule compared to the joy of actually losing large amounts of fat from your waist and hips.

Leptitox is made in an FDA-approved facility and thoroughly tested by third-party clinics in order to ensure its high-quality. The reports of any side effects from using this supplement are few and far between, and none of them seem to have been severe.

Some users have claimed to have side-effects that consist of dizziness or becoming light-headed. Compared to many other weight-loss supplements out there that have been pulled off of the shelves for harmful side effects, this product is completely safe.

Some things to keep in mind as you begin to lose weight while taking Leptitox are common when beginning anything that changes things in your body. Since Leptitox helps regulate your leptin hormone and other systems that keep you healthy, you are bound to notice some changes.

These include more frequent urination, insomnia, loss of energy, lethargy, and intestinal problems. Experiencing any of these issues may not stem from the supplement itself, as the ingredients are meant to help combat these symptoms.

Regardless, it is still important to consult a dietician or doctor before taking this supplement, especially if you have a history of allergies. Allergic reactions are a possibility as it is with any other product, so you want to ensure you are not taking something that could cause you harm.

Another main question that comes when thinking about side effects is if you will witness any side effects if you decide to stop taking this supplement.

One of the best parts is that if you decide to stop taking Leptitox for any reason, you can do so without any adverse side effects. This product contains no addictive ingredients and can be discontinued safely.


Is Leptitox Safe To Use Consistently?

When it comes to safety, Leptitox solution is 100 % safe without any side effects. All the ingredients used in the formulation have strong research background and supported with scientific studies. Only natural ingredients were used in the formulation. The capsules are manufactured as per FDA approved standard in the GMP certified facility. As for directions, two capsules a day is recommended. There are no known safety concern surrounding leptitox and there should be no issues whatsoever with taking this supplement on a consistent basis.


Why I Would Recommend It To (Almost) Anybody

I would usually not recommend any single product to most people out there for the simple fact that everybody’s body is different and you never know how someone could react to certain changes in their hormone levels or diet. However, this is usually a thing I try to avoid because the vast majority of products being sold online in todays day and age have at least one or two questionable ingredients. Leptitox is genuinely all-natural which means it can basically be used by everybody, excluding young children. While it works with both men and women, I’ve noticed that women tend to find the most success with Leptitox just because of the fact that leptin is a more significant hormone to women’s bodies. Don’t be discouraged if you are a man though; Leptitox can and certainly will help you lose weight as well if you are to stay at least moderately disciplined.

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Why Losing The Weight Is More Important Than You Think: A Brief Explanation of Leptitox

It is very common in today’s day and age to put off weight loss and it is not ‘fine’. Rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are skyrocketing every single year and this could all be dramatically different if more people would focus on losing some weight (or keeping it off). Most people are highly motivated to lose weight for other reasons though, such as looking better and feeling less self-conscious. These are good things to use as motivators, however there are bigger things to be concerned about which mostly relate to your health (both mind and body). There is something fundamentally flawed with the choosing not to work on oneself and many would claim that it all boils down to not loving oneself. This is said to cause far greater issues in your life than the measly 20 pounds you have to shed, and those extra pounds are quite problematic.

The confidence increase that users of Leptitox feel after achieving their goals and losing the weight is out of this world. They look, sound, and feel like new people – and in a way, they ARE new people. Those who were once always tired, unmotivated, and somewhat lazy have transformed themselves into disciplined, self-loving, and hard-working individuals – and it all started with a little program called Leptitox. From a glance it might seem like this is just another weight loss supplement but it is far more than that. Leptitox could serve as the benchmark that helps you in other areas of your life as well, because nothing is more important than your own health.


Some Clear Benefits of Using Leptitox

There are enormous health benefits in using Leptitox supplement apart from weight loss supplement.

100% natural 

The product is 100 percent natural. They are made up of plant compounds and do not include any synthetic materials that harm the body. Thus it is safe to use.

Weight loss formula

Leptitox is one of the best weight loss supplements formulated to reduce excess weight without any side effects easily. Leptin becomes resistant without any reason in some cases, which makes Leptin stop its function of signaling to the brain if the tummy is full and makes it eat more.

Reduces Hunger

When leptin resistance is reversed, it reduces the feeling of hunger. When the intake of food is less, your calories will be automatically decreased, and thus we can have a healthy weight.


The toxin substances present in the body cause harmful health problems to our body. Leptitox contains powerful detoxification formula. It detoxifies the harmful toxins substances from the body.

Suppresses Appetite

Leptitox suppresses Appetite. Appetite is a condition where you will always have a desire to eat more food even after meals. It means you tend to eat more, even without hunger. Now the appetite problem has gone—no more hunger and cravings for food.

Brain Health

It helps to improve brain health. As leptin hormone is connected with the brain, Leptitox also enhances brain activity than ever before.


Leptitox is made in the form of pills that are made easy to consume by the users. Like other supplements, Leptitox must be taken with one glass of water. You must take one pill in the morning and one pill in the evening to see the desired results. The pills should be taken before 20 to 30 minutes of meals. There must be at least 8 hours of gap between the morning and the evening dose.


Pros & Cons of Using Leptitox


  • Burns body fat rapidly:
    Leptitox helps to oxidize the existing fat in your body and converts them into energy.
  • Natural ingredients:
    One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Leptitox is because this pill is made of all-natural ingredients and doesn’t have any toxic chemicals.
  • Gluten-free:
    Whether you are allergic to gluten or not, you can safely consume Leptitox if you are above 18 years of age.
  • Curbs your hunger pangs:
    Leptitox puts your body in starvation mode by ketosis and also helps to curb your hunger pangs.
  • Have a healthy heart:
    Leptitox lowers the cholesterol level while maintaining the glucose level in your blood, which keeps your heart healthy.
  • Enhances metabolism:
    The metabolic activities of your body enhance after the timely consumption of Leptitox, which also increases the whole process of losing unwanted body fat.
  • FDA approved:
    You can have your peace of mind while consuming Leptitox for weight-loss because being clinically tested and FDA approved, this dietary supplement is safe for consumption by adults.
  • Money-back guarantee:
    Leptitox comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Hence, if you find no change in your overall body weight after consuming it for a couple of days, then you can easily claim your refund.


  • Cannot purchase Leptitox from an offline store:

Unfortunately You cannot buy Leptitox from a physical store. When you need one, you need to order it online from its official website.

  • Potentially not for you

People with any medications and Pregnant or nursing women are not advisable to use this product to avoid certain medical effects.

  • Results take time

You can’t see changes overnight. You must wait patiently at least for 2 to 3 months to see the expected results completely.

  • Price & Availability:

The Leptitox is a 100% natural dietary supplement. Order Leptitox dietary supplement soon to transform your life easily without any side effects. The product is available online on its official website with 2 bonus gifts.


The Verdict: Leptitox Is The Best Weight Loss Product Out Right Now

Although we are in the year 2022 and the weight loss product market is fiercely competitive, I can say pretty confidently that there’s nothing quite like Leptitox out right now. It likely isn’t the best appetite suppressant that money can buy but looking at it strictly from a weight loss point of view, it is quite obvious that this is one of the best products out there right now. Some products accelerate fat loss but consequently amp up hunger, other products completely kill your appetite but give you a painfully slow metabolism. Leptitox is the only product we’ve tried that not only accelerates weight loss, but also keeps you full throughout the day as well. It truly is a remarkable product.

Ana S. Vargas