How To Last Longer In Bed For Men Without Pills (2023 Updated)

lasting longer without pills

Not being able to last a sufficient amount of time in bed is a big problem for many men around the world, and premature ejaculation is an issue that is only growing. For most men, it is an embarrassing issue which is not discussed often enough to be solved on its own. There are plenty of techniques that are being shared around the internet but there is little hard science to back any of these theories. What may work for some will not be effective for others, so there is no concrete way of lasting longer instantly without any work.

Are there certain techniques often spread on the internet that have some merit to them? Sure. However, is ‘thinking of your grandma’ really something you want to be doing while trying to last longer? Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of enjoying yourself in the first place? For most people, something like this is only going to worsen the experience.


How To Last Longer In Bed For Men Without Pills

In essence, not lasting long enough is generally due to hypersensitivity to stimuli which overloads the pleasure centers of the brain causing one to climax too early. Sounds simple right? It is, but stopping this overstimulation and talking about it are two separate things. So to actually combat this issue, our solution lies in ‘desensitizing’ ourselves and reducing the general level of excitement/stimuli. No, imagining yourself playing football in the middle of the action won’t do anything for you, so do not be one to believe that thinking certain things will save you from the doom of finishing too early.

1. Use A Proven Product

lasting longer no pills

The best way to delay ejaculation while still keeping sex pleasurable is to use a proven product to desensitize yourself just enough to not be so overstimulated, but still sensitive enough to actually enjoy yourself and feel just as good throughout the entire thing. While there are many products (both topical and oral), the best one we’ve found that doesn’t completely numb your member and is completely safe to use is Enlast. Testers around the world have been raving about this product because unlike others on the market, it is safe to use, does not make you completely lose feeling in your johnson, and keeps all the pleasure the same. Because of this, we highly recommend using Enlast as the best way to last longer in bed without using any pills.


2. Do The ‘Deed’ Beforehand

Probably the easiest way to last longer in bed is to ‘crank one out’ or ejaculate a few minutes or hours before you eventually plan on lasting longer during intercourse. This is a tried and true method of lasting longer that has probably been used since the beginning of time, but it comes at a cost. In general, the pleasure will not be the same and for some people, it may complicate things in regards to achieving another erection. For some it works perfectly but for many others, this method is not ideal. Another factor you have to take into account is your timeline – having an orgasm 12 hours before intercourse may be too long and have no effect while 20 minutes is evidently too short.


3. Practice How You Play

Something that not enough men know about is ‘practicing how you play’ in order to last longer. In other words, edging. This process basically entails reaching the point of near climax multiple times (either through masturbation or through a partner) until your body adapts to the process and you become better at controlling your releases. This method can prove to be highly effective when done correctly and it alone can be a huge help when it comes to lasting longer in bed without the use of any pills or products. Staying consistent and finding the time to do if for a few good minutes is what keeps most from excelling and using this technique to their advantage but given the benefits, it’s something that many more men should consider doing.


4. Do Not Delay Ejaculations For Days/Weeks

This ties into step #2 but is a little bit different. In general, if you do not ejaculate very often, it will result in increased sensitivity and ultimately shorter intercourse. For this reason, we recommend keeping a healthy schedule of ‘releases’ to ensure that you’re never too excited. Only you can determine what number is best for you, but for the vast majority of men that number is between 2-5 ejaculations per week. By doing this, you are naturally ‘numbing yourself’ to the experience and should last longer as a result.


Why Lasting Longer Is Important

It may seem like a topic that shouldn’t be that serious but in actuality, it is becoming more and more serious for millions of men all over the world. It is not only that you are limiting yourself, but also that you are cutting into your partners’ pleasure as well and not letting them achieve ultimate pleasure. If you care about yourself and your partner, it would be wise to find a way to last longer in bed without using any of those pills advertised online.

Ensuring that your partner is pleased plays into a bigger mission. Whether we like it or not, quality of sex life plays a big part of how people feel about relationships. If an individual is lacking in that area, it could be the main reason for trouble in a relationship. Even worse, something like this can result in a breakup, as silly as that may sound. If you want your partner to stay with you and more importantly be happy with you, lasting longer is a must.


Avoiding Pills

There are many reasons you would want to avoid using pills at all costs. First, pills are just a total hassle to swallow and to remember to use and carry around. You never want to feel like you’re dependant on a certain pill and that you must carry it around wherever you go in order to function like a normal human being if there are other alternatives. Not only that, but many of these pills are actually super dangerous to use longterm and should be avoided like the plague.

Pills also tend to over-numb the area, and many men report not feeling anything at all in their genital region as a result of using pills to last longer. I think it is safe to assume that of the two issues, it is much more preferable to finish too quickly than to not finish at all (or potentially even start due to erection complications). That is why we definitely do not recommend using any pills for this concern.


Bottom Line: Lasting Longer Without Pills For Men

As you can (hopefully) see, there are many alternatives to pills in this scenario. You can go with the natural techniques or use a product like Enlast that will ensure you last longer while retaining pleasure for yourself. Lasting longer is certainly possible and is achievable quite easily. Pills are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs due to health concerns, side effects, and causing the numbness to be too strong. Remember, by not lasting longer you are doing both yourself and your partner a disservice.

Ana S. Vargas