Best Testosterone Booster For Men Over 50 (Update)

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For men, testosterone is one of the most crucial things in life and should not be undermined in any way. It is the backbone behind drive, energy, satisfaction with life, and things like your ability to build muscle and please your partner sexually. In many ways, testosterone is a natural drug that gives men the ability to conquer their goals and achieve whatever they wish.

When you have sufficient amounts of it flowing through your bloodstream, it feels like the world is your oyster. However, being low on testosterone is one of the most silent yet lethal killers of joy and satisfaction with life. It leads to things like depression, low levels of energy, low levels of sexual satisfaction, and overall a much worse mood than when you have abundant levels.


Best Testosterone Booster For Men Over 50 In 2021

For guys over 50, there is only one testosterone booster that is extremely effective at getting results and that booster is Testogen due to its incredible formula that is used by world class athletes. In general, most testosterone boosters are very inconsistent especially amongst older men. As a result of this, many men are left frustrated and doubtful of whether or not boosters work at all, which is a shame considering that certain products like Testogen actually work in amazing ways. It contains ingredients such as fenugreek, magnesium, and zinc that are essential for high levels of testosterone to be achieved. There’s really no other formula like it on the market and when it comes to men over 50, this is likely the best testosterone booster.

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Top Testosterone Booster For Men Over 50: Runner Up

We had our testers go through a ton of products and over the span of a few months, there were quite a few that caught our eye but none as much as Testogen. Nothing gave results that quickly and that lasted as long as those produced by Testogen. Nothing natural anyways. However, we also tested a product called ‘Test RX‘. This booster turned out to be nearly as effective. It doesn’t work as efficiently and is not specifically geared towards men over the age of 50, but it seems to works fine for men of all ages. This product along with Testogen are neck and shoulders above the rest of the competition – no natural products get these kind of results in this timespan.

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What Separates These Boosters From The Crowd?

Again, you probably know that the market is absolutely saturated with a TON of testosterone boosting products with many of them being very low quality. In fact, the vast majority of testosterone boosters do not do anything at all for the average, healthy male. They only contain very basic ingredients that the user would only benefit from if they were deficient in. For example, zinc is necessary for a healthy testosterone level and most decent boosters will contain zinc. Most people are taking in enough zinc through their diet but if they’re not, it wouldn’t be very hard for an individual to believe they’ve found a ‘miracle testosterone supplement’ when it fact, they just found zinc. This is a common trend amongst many testosterone-related products and it is the reason so many products will have stellar reviews despite the fact that they are pretty much just a very basic formula.

What separates Testogen and Test RX from the crowd? The fact that they’re backed by science. These aren’t just boosters that will give you a couple of basic nutritional benefits that you could otherwise get from eating a few extra eggs a week – the formula is a combination of elements that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. If your diet is perfectly healthy but there is room for improvement as far as your testosterone levels go, these products will bring it out of you. Even in 2019 testosterone is still a hormone that many companies don’t know enough about, yet they are still selling products that supposedly increase your levels. It is precisely this ignorance that has resulted in so much faith being lost in testosterone boosters over the years.


Why You Need A Booster After The Age Of 50

Many men start taking testosterone boosters well before the age of 50. By the age of 30, levels of testosterone can go down by as much as 2% per year which is no small amount after a few years. Still, most men can manage with their levels of testosterone in their 30’s and some even into their mid 40’s. Most men who invest in increasing their levels begin to do so between the age of 45 – 55 because this is the age range when the lack of testosterone is most noticeable. You start feeling tired, gaining weight, being less productive, and begin to notice an increased inability to achieve/maintain a satisfactory sex life. All of these things add up and explain why depression is often seen as a very common outcome of low levels of testosterone.

Do you absolutely need to increase your testosterone at this age though? In terms of need versus desire, you certainly won’t die from not having enough testosterone and many men are actually fully capable of living a happy life without ever increasing their levels. For some men though, the effect of not having enough T is too much to handle and the quality of life is greatly degraded. If you are noticing symptoms such as tiredness, weakness, inability to gain or sustain muscle mass, or are having difficulty in achieving/maintaining an erection, then you might want to strongly consider having your T levels checked and potentially increased. Take a look at this graph to understand how drastically the drop-off of the hormone is at each age-range.

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Benefits Of High Testosterone Levels:

Look, the benefits are huge. In terms of what mother nature brings us, testosterone is pretty much the strongest and most potent natural drug that can help you to do great things. It is the precursor to living a great and happy life. These are the biggest benefits you will gain from having normal or high levels of testosterone:

  • Improved Mood And Cognitive Function
  • Improved Levels Of Energy
  • Greater Ability To Gain Muscle
  • Improved Ability To Achieve Erections
  • Keeping Body Fat Percentage Low
  • Improved Bone Health
  • Increased Libido

Disadvantages Of Lower Testosterone Levels:

The truth is that having high levels of testosterone is great, but the benefits are not as noticeable as the downsides for most people. The disadvantages to having low levels of T are absolutely atrocious and can completely devastate a life, as crazy as that sounds. These are the biggest downsides to having low levels of T.

  • Depression Or Irritability
  • Lowered Libido
  • Increased Difficulty In Achieving Erections
  • Lower Levels Of Energy
  • Weight Gain
  • Decreased Cognitive Function
  • Worsened Overall Physical Health

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are far more benefits/disadvantages to having high/low levels of T that we won’t go over simply because they are not as significant. The bottom line is this – low levels brings about many negative elements and the opposite is true for high levels. The only real downside to having high levels of testosterone is a potential increase in acne; a tradeoff that 9 out of 10 men will make any day of the week given how impactful the benefits are.


Maintaining Your Testosterone In Your 50’s

Unfortunately, these boosters are not a one-time solution. You cannot take the booster once and expect to have high levels for the rest of your life. The results are always temporary with each product. However, there are a few things you can do in your everyday life to somewhat maintain a healthy level of testosterone regardless of whether or not you’re using any sort of testosterone boosting product. These are the things you should be focusing your attention to:

  • Exercise Multiple Times Per Week, Preferably Through Intense Strength Training
  • Abstain From Alcohol, Carbs, And Refined Sugars
  • Eat More Foods That Contain Zinc, Magnesium, And Other Essential Nutrients
  • Get Enough Sleep Each Night
  • Drink Enough Water
  • Minimize Levels Of Stress And Cortisol

Doing these things consistently and at a high level may not keep your testosterone in the same range it was when you were 20 years old, but it should definitely have a positive impact if you are not already doing these things. For many men, doing these things alone has shown to bring tremendous results and sizeable spikes in testosterone.


Bottom Line: Best Test Booster For Men 50 Years Or Older

In your journey to find the best product for you, you’ll find that there is a lot of variety to choose from. If you elect to not go with one of the options we suggested, we highly recommend you do extensive research to really dig down into each product and see why it would or wouldn’t work. Remember, many of these products are like snake-oil and don’t do much of anything for the average man. Falling for the trap of taking a sub-par product will not lose you out of some hard-earned cash, but more importantly it could ruin your confidence in products such as these when in fact, the good ones work.