How To Get Rid Of Cellulite On Thighs And Bum (2 Weeks)

remove cellulite from thighs and bum

Cellulite is something that many women around the world have to deal with. Tall or short, old or young, thick or thin – most women will have to deal with a little bit of cellulite at some point in their lifetime, and it is estimated that 85% – 98% of post-pubertal women have the condition to at least some degree. Naturally, this has led to the rise of beauty companies trying to make a profit through this new piece of the market. The problem lies in the fact that most cellulite-related products do not work to completely get rid of cellulite like consumers might think it does. This leads to frustration from all parties involved, and in the end does nothing to solve the cellulite problem. So what can be done to get rid of cellulite?


How To Get Rid Of Cellulite In 2 Weeks (Thighs And Bum)

It doesn’t take much research to realize that plenty of people have already shared ‘natural’ or organic techniques of reducing the visibility of cellulite, and this can include things like: applying apple cider vinegar, taking detox baths, using tomato paste, and even making it a point to include more fish such as salmon in your diet. How effective these strategies are remain to be seen, and whether or not they work at all is a mystery in itself. Is it possible that such techniques can potentially work? Absolutely, but it also entirely possible that they will do nothing for your cellulite.


reduce cellulite 2 weeks

The Cellulite Solution: Get Rid Of Cellulite in 2 Weeks Or Less

The Cellulite Solution by Revitol is the single most effective treatment for the reduction of cellulite in the thighs and bum. Through trial after trial, research testing groups have found the most success to come from this product, and it is due to the fact that it is made up of some very potent stuff. Using this cream in combination with some other techniques which we’ll discuss later on about has shown to provide testers with immense results, and completely takes ‘cellulite reduction’ to a whole ‘nother meaning.

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How Does It Work?

‘Cellulite Solution’ by Revitol works in an interesting way. It uses all-natural ingredient for easy absorption, and the mixture itself is quite stunning. Some notable ingredients include: pure aloe vera extract (potent), caffeine extract, safflower oil, authentic shea butter, and many others. They work in cohesion to revitalize your skin and provide you with the smooth surface you’re looking for. By using this product daily, anybody can dramatically reduce the prominence of cellulite on their skin and eventually remove them completely, regardless of the severity. Most users notice that cellulite is nearly entirely gone within 2 weeks.

Using these ingredients has shown to enhance moisture, skin elasticity, and overall skin health. Using them for a prolonged period of time gives your skin the foundation it needs to successfully reverse the signs of cellulite and ultimately smoothen out your skin. L-Carnitine is also present in the formula; it is a thermogenic agent, meaning it uses energy to burn fat and reduce cellulite formation.


What is Cellulite And Where Does It Come From?

You may not care too much, or already know what cellulite is – in which case please just skip this section. You may simply want to know how to get rid of it…

Cellulite is simply small, lumpy fat deposits under the skin, it is a condition that tends to occur where there is reduced circulation, hence the likelihood of it occurring on our bums and thighs.

Many factors meld together to create cellulite – loose skin, fat accumulation, water retention and more – all common factors which is why this is so common a complaint.

The five factors are:

  • alterations in the skin
  • Damaged collagen and elastin fibres
  • Poor blood supply
  • Enlarged fat cell chambers
  • Accumulation of metabolic waste

Genetics also play a part, some are simply more susceptible to cellulite than others.

Diet and lifestyle also have a role to play.

What Factors Make Cellulite More Likely?

Knowledge of the factors that can lead to cellulite can help us prevent the problem becoming more noticeable.

As mentioned, genetics plays a part, but other factors are within our own control.

Dietary changes can help – there are foods to avoid and others that can be beneficial – we explore this in greater detail lower down.

Exercise, or the lack of is another determining factor and so too is whether you smoke.

However, it should not be thought that cellulite is only common if you have a poor diet, smoke and don’t exercise. The prevalence of the condition shows that this simply is not true, although the factors mentioned will influence just how much cellulite someone has.

Avoiding Cellulite Vs Removing It

A key point to raise is that a different strategy will often be needed based on whether you have no cellulite and want to stay that way, or have cellulite that you are desperate to see the back of.

If you want to avoid any future issues, then diet will be key, so too exercise. Both of these are of value to someone with cellulite already, after all they improve overall health, but they are unlikely to make a significant difference to existing cellulite. They certainly won’t have a quick impact.

Someone with existing cellulite that they want removed may require intervention (this can be non-invasive intervention), but there would obviously be no value to someone without cellulite having this procedure.


Other Ways Of Dealing With Thigh And Bum Cellulite

As mentioned before, there are a few tactics which are quite common as it pertains to the reduction/removal of cellulite in these areas of the body. Some are topical treatments while others deal more with the internal aspect of your body, but they all share a common goal and that is to reduce the presence of cellulite on your body.

1. Weight Loss & Exercise

remove cellulite

It’s not something that most women want to hear, but yes – weight loss may be necessary for the reduction of cellulite in your thighs and bum, if you elect to not use something like Cellulite Solution. However, this would depends on whether or not excess fat is the main contributor to your cellulite, which is the main concern for the vast majority of women who deal with cellulite. There are two different ways you’d want to go about it. In one instance, you can simply go on a diet to lose weight and hope that you can achieve results with it. To take it to the next level, you’ll need to start toning your butt and thighs through more rigorous workouts, such as squats and deadlifts. Which technique you elect to go with depends greatly on the cause of your cellulite to begin with.

Step 1

You can help reduce the visible effects of cellulite by burning fat as fuel if you spend between 20 and 30 minutes doing cardiovascular exercise a few days a week. And for faster results, consider exercising each day. The American Council on Exercise suggests that your regular exercise routine should be between 70 and 80 percent of your maximum heart rate, when it comes to the intensity level.

Step 2

Walking, swimming, rowing, skating, cycling and even climbing the stairs are all considered to be full body rhythmic movements and are ideal when it comes to burning that excess fat. You can stimulate your stores of fat further by incorporating a variety of exercises into your routine.

Step 3

You can burn more calories, and reduce the appearance of cellulite by carrying out a total body workout three days a week and through the use of resistance tools. Major muscle groups such as your core, shoulders, chest, hips and back should be targeted by carrying out 8 to 12 repetitions in sets of one to three, with a day of rest between each workout.


2. Reduce Estrogen Levels

This plays a little bit into diet, but in a different way. You wouldn’t be dieting in the sense that you’re taking in less calories; rather you would be eliminating some things from your diet which have been shown to increase estrogen levels dramatically in women. In general, this includes things like milk, cheese, soy products, as well as certain fruits and nuts, like strawberries and pistachios.

An individual looking to reduce cellulite on their skin should look to reduce their intake of these foods as much as possible. You might ask yourself why larger women are often burdened with cellulite, while larger men of the same body fat percentage do not have to deal with this condition. This is almost entirely due to the fact that estrogen plays a colossal role in the formation of cellulite, and estrogen is not as prominent in men as it is in women.


3. Drink More Water

People are surprised to find out that drinking more water can have a tremendous impact on reducing and removing cellulite from your body in the case of people who don’t drink it enough. If you are already taking in enough water for your body, it’s unlikely that just simply drinking more water will do you any good. However, if you are not drinking enough water throughout the day (like most people), it is something worth trying.

Drinking more water (if you aren’t drinking enough) is also very important for other aspects of your life, such as improving mental clarity and focus. For most people, it is always a good idea to try and drink a little bit more water each day than we normally do.


4. Massage Cellulite Dimples

This is a technique that is obviously more hit-or-miss, because it is difficult to know exactly how long to massage or with how much pressure to do so. Another huge factor is the genetic makeup of the individual suffering from cellulite, and how their body responds to a massage in that particular area. Massaging the cellulite dimples while also using Cellulite Solution by Revitol gives you the best odds at truly absorbing in the necessary minerals and elements which are necessary for totally eliminating cellulite from your body.

Massaging on its own is unlikely to do anything other than make you feel good. It is just one of the many actions which help as complimentary pieces to a much larger methods (working out, using cream, etc.)


5. Use Home Remedies

This last step is tricky, because it may or may not provide you with results. There are dozens, if not hundreds of reported home remedies which are said to be linked to the reduction of cellulite in the butt and thigh areas. This includes things like topically applying tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, or tons of other food products which are not often placed on the bum area. Doing these things can potentially help, but it is important to note that there is often no scientific research done to back any of these theories. They are simply shared by others who claim to have had some results from using such methods.


Why Reducing Cellulite Is Important

Though it’s something we’ve touched on plenty of times before, (stretch marks, wrinkles) it is always a concern of ours to reiterate: removing ‘imperfections’ from your body has very little to do with the imperfections themselves, and is almost entirely based around improving your psyche and confidence. If having your stretch marks removed, your eyebrows raised, or your breasts enlarged makes you feel more confident in yourself, then it is definitely something you should consider doing under the right circumstances.

Your confidence is one of the most important things you’ll ever need to maintain in your lifetime, so it is imperative that you do all you can to have it be in the right place. If this means working out more, having surgery done, or using the right type of makeup, then doing those things should be strongly considered.


Bottom Line: Getting Rid Of Cellulite On Thighs And Bum In 2 Weeks

It is not all that uncommon for many women to be of the mindset that such a feat is nearly impossible. It is true that completely getting rid of your cellulite in 2 weeks is often difficult to do, but saying that it is impossible is a very inaccurate and potentially harmful statement. By exercising, following the right diet, and using Revitol’s Cellulite Solution, anybody should theoretically be able to get rid of their cellulite within two weeks and have the smooth, fresh skin they’ve been longing for.

With dedication, patience, and the tools needed, you will be able to free yourself of cellulite on your bum and thighs in no time.

Ana S. Vargas